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A VERY *Special* Thanks!

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THANK YOU Anne, and Hissy!

I know you two worked hard and long to get the problem with the servers fixed, and I just feel like I owe you guys a special thanks for going so far out of your way to get it fixed quickly, and for providing these boards for me to learn, laugh, love, and become addicted too!

You two are angels! Thank you very very much.
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Thanks Cassandra! My ear is numb from being on the phone so much to tech support both late last night and early this morning, but they were all terrific and though there are still some things that need tweaking- it does look like we are good to go here!
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They are angels, aren't they? Thanks guys for your hard work!!!!!

And Cass, thanks for appreciating this site so much...it is good to hear when people are so happy here! We DO try!!!

Glad to have you back ( I know I said that already.. but I really really mean it!!!!! )
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Mary Anne, I'll whisper so as to not hurt your ears.

I agree with Cassie. Thank you Anne and Mary Anne. Debby, they ARE sweet! (Ooops, sorry MA, didn't mean to speak so loudly there.)

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