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Obsessive Crazy Cat!

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My oldest cat (10 yrs), Lilly, has always been a little off. She's always been a "careful" cat. You could say she's a sketchy cat. Anyway, as she's been getting older I've noticed her sketchiness turning into more of an obsessiveness, if you will. She "patrols" the house constantly. She follows me everywhere. She always has to know where everyone and the other cats are. She'll sit and stare at us, make no motion to come see us, then walk away and keep "patrolling". She's been attacking my other two cats for no reason. She'll do it when they have their backs turned. Sometimes she'll check out a room like she's never seen it before, like if you moved a room around and it sometimes disorients a cat & they have to get used to it. She's always been a little nutty, but I'm noticing her getting more intense. I've plans to bring her in to the vet, but just as a discussion, anyone have any ideas on what this psycho-cat's deal is?
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This won't be much help, but...All I can think of is that it's likely pretty much normal signs of aging. Like people, as cats get older their senses begin to dull and sometimes that's enough to confuse them or lead them to new behaviors. The most common one seems to be an older, quiet cat that suddenly meows late at night when all the lights in the house are off. That's what my RB cat Shane did numerous times towards the end. He also went "on patrol" constantly like Lilly does, as if he was a cop walking his beat.

It might not be a bad idea to bring Lilly to the vet for a general examination if you haven't done so in awhile, maybe get a senior blood panel done so the vet's office has baseline readings which would serve as a reference point when health issues inevitably arise in the future.
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