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Need advise and/or opinion

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Hi all,

I have had my cat for about 14 years. Originally she was a stray, and a guy i knew found her and took her in. He abused her, so his room mate kicked him out, and kept the cat, i moved in shortly there after, and the cat and myself became very close. When i moved out of the apt, i took the cat with me, and we have been together ever since. We have a love /Hate relationship, i can read her like a book in most cases.
Just recently, we had taken her to the vet and found out she has a hyperthyroid, and we will give her meds twice a day for the rest of her life, which i dont have a problem with.

She has always been a very agressive cat, i dont blame her, i know the torture she was put through at a very early age.

Before i started living with my friend and the cat, his mother had her declawed, which i am totally against, i dont believe in mutilating any animal. I dont have issues that some people have with declawed cats, The cat overall was always there and in a decent mood, not really bothering anyone, and hissing at people that bother her when she didnt feel like participating

Out of no where, the past week or so, she is trying to get out of the house, i remember she normally would run away once the door opens, but i have noticed, that she is really trying to get out. I have never seen her so determined to get out of the house. We have a few neighborhood cats that roam around, i know we have alot of rodents and other types of small animals that are always around the house. My cat has always known this, but why now is she trying to get out, and she is really trying.

My biggest concern is her safety, she can no longer defend herself properly without her front claws. And while i want to let her out, even though she has always been an indoor cat, i know that if i let her out to play, she would be much happier. But i am afraid that if i let her out and she gets into a fight with one of the many rodents around here i will regret it for a long time to come. Not to mention, if she ends up disappearing, or getting hit by a car or something....

Should i let her out of the house knowing full well that she is declawed?

I just want her to be happy, and i can see by looking at her, that she is not. I am torn on what i should do. Can anyone offer some advise, anything that may make a choice easier for me...I really need to hear some opinions on this one.

thanks for reading, and i look forward to hearing from you....
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I definitely would NOT let her out. You're right that there are many risks to cats who go outside. I would ask myself what has changed in her life recently that makes her want to go out so badly. I'm not a cat psychologist but you mentioned she was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroid and is on medication, maybe this is affecting her behaviour? Just a thought. I'd ask the vet about it. I'm sure others here will have some great advice.
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Well, for the reasons that you are fully aware of I would NOT let her out. Better she's a little grumpy than road kill. That said, is there anyway she would allow you to leash/harness train her? Or perhaps you could invest in a temporary outdoor enclosure so that she can still enjoy the outdoors with out the many risks of being out on her own.
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Don't let her out unsupervised. But you can try (tho she is old and it may not be too acceptable to her) to train to harness/leash.

Or build/build a cat enclosure and take her out and let her sit in there for an hour.
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