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Still fighting

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My DBF and I moved in together about a month ago. With him he brought his cat, Caesar. We tried to slowly get them used to each other, and Caesar had his own habitat for a while. Now they all freely roam the house and most of the time it seems they ignore each other but occasionally there's a violent outbreak.

It seems that my cats, which are bigger, still have their claws, are afraid of Caesar. Sebastian stays in my bedroom all evening and if I come in there he is very affectionate. He also meows like crazy in the mornings now before we get up.

Both act a little nervous when Caesar is too close. But, they are all using the same litter boxes. There is mostly a little hissing, sometimes sniffing, but then Caesar will end up chasing one of them and a 3 second fight ensues.

I just want them to all love each other! All are 4-7 yrs old and neutered.
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it's probably not what you're thinking...
i have 5 & Cable is the boss. Chip has been here for 2 years, & she still whacks him/hisses @ him/etc. i think she's just letting him know who's boss, myself.
it's possible that's what's happening amongst your crew. alpha cat status is a purrsonality thing - maybe the more agressive cat is just attempting to become the alpha.
i'm a bit concerned that i may have a future alpha struggle here - i think Firefox has all of the purrsonality required - just don't know that Cable's gonna relinquish her title!
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it took chloe and patchy nearly a year and a half to get along!
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Charlie and Ling still get into squabbles. Charlie is dominate but Ling still wants to be boss.

As long as you keep the nails trimmed on them, just let them work it out. Sometimes when you have 2 cats that want to be the top cat, you have little squabbles break out from time to time. As long as its not all the time, don't worry about it.
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Thanks everyone. I do feel a lot better now. I have hope that eventually they'll all be good friends, or just ignore each other. At least they don't mind using the same litterboxes and eating out of the same bowls and playing with the same toys.
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