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Where's Tuesday DT's?

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Hee Hee,I know we were down!Hey I like this new servicer![sp]What's new? Not much here!Still snowing but tommorrow is going to be 58*YA!
Well, rock on! Be safe!
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Warm and sunny,again. I've been to the bank and grocery store and am debating a haircut. There's a job fair, tomorrow and I really SHOULD get this mop out of my eyes.

I mailed off the check for my income taxes, so I won't be going to jail.

Pearl made a new friend, yesterday. Bill's investment broker came over, to get some paperwork done. Amy competes, with her Heeler mix, in agility trials. Pearl spotted a patsy, right away and rolled over, for a belly rub. Opie and Rowdy plundered through Amy's briefcase and Rowdy flopped on top of the papers, to get HER belly rubbed. Good thing, that Amy likes critters.

Have a good one.
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What's a "heeler" mix? I'm assuming it's a dog, but what kind of dog?
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My summer weather said goodbye and now it's overcast and raining!

Well, on to day 2 of painting the bathroom. It's actually pretty fun. I definitely want to paint another room in the house now!

Also have to pack - my boyfriend and I are going to Vegas on Thursday! He loves to gamble (unfortunately!) but we're actually going there for to see a great dane show. I can't wait!

Have a good day everyone.

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Originally posted by jcat
What's a "heeler" mix? I'm assuming it's a dog, but what kind of dog?
Its a Queensland Blue Heeler, AKA Australian Cattle Dog. They're very smart and agile. They herd cattle, by nipping at their heels, hence the name.
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I had to go to the optometrist today, for my yearly checkup. I've been getting eyestrain and headaches almost every day, working on the computer at work. Unfortunately, I found out that my bad vision has gotten worse. My new glasses cost more than I had hoped to spend, but what can I do? I can't not see. At least my new frames are the "coolest" things around, according to the assistant.

Spring is definately here. Yesterday was in the 30's and snowing. Today was in the mid 60's. Ivo's shedding like mad and acting even crazier. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to summer. At least the temperatures will be more consistent.

Have a good evening, everyone!
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