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eating houseplants

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Ok, as I was reading Mom of 10 cats' list of bad plants for kitties, I saw Morning Glories on there as a Hallucinogen....would that explain why Shorty keeps eating the leaves on them? She has left all the other plants alone, but she seems to like eating the leaves on my morning glories. I had started them from seed, thinking it was gonna take at least a month for them to start growing (they did the last time I started them from seed), but they sprouted in like 3 days! So I had them on the counter in the window, and I come home, and Shorty has eaten about 1/4 of the leaves! So I put them in my room, and closed the door, and she never bothered them. Yesterday I put them in a larger pot so I could have them still until it gets warm enough to plant them outside, and thought that she wouldn't bother them. I got home from work tonite, and she has eaten another bunch of leaves! So now I really have to put them in my room!!! Also, if they are outside, will she still eat them? I had them outside last year, and none of the other kitties (at least 4 or 5 of them) never bothered the flowers. Do they eat the flowers? Are they bad for them? Thanks for the help....I had this posted in the behavior forum since Friday, but no one has answered it, so maybe ya'll can help me here.

Also what about ivy plants? I have one, but Shorty doesn't seem to chew on it like she does the other one, but she still does from time to time.

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If you grow the kitty some cat grass he would probably prefer eating the cat grass to eating the houseplants. My cats do.

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What is all in kitty grass? I think I had some before, and it grew lots, and Shorty ate it, played with it etc, but then my parents told me that if she ate it, it would make her sick, and I didn't really feel like cleaning up kitty puke, ya know?? I think I'm going to end up putting all my plants in my room, and keeping the door closed! Thanks for your help!
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The cat grass that I sell is Oats. It contains natural oils that aids the digestive system of cats and helps them clear hairballs easier. Sometimes they get sick just after they eat it, but once they get used to it, usually they don't get sick anymore, its just like outdoor cats eating natural grass but these are oat grasses that you can grow insided for indoor kitties. I could send you some if you want to try it. PM me your address.

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I have a pot of catnip. Opie and Rowdy help themselves, whenever they have the urge to get high.
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Hi Angel,

I'm sorry noone answered your previous post yet in the behavior thread, but for consistancys sake I really have to move this there because that's where it belongs.

I will let our resident cat experts know it's here so hopefully you'll get even more good advice than you already have.

thanks for understanding
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Hi Air Princess,

Not a problem that you moved it....I understand. Anyways, I'm still not sure what to do about the flowers...I like the flowers and love my kitties, so I wonder if there is something I can use to deter the cats away from the flowers???

Thanks again!
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spray the plants with bitter apple, or a soap and water mixture so it doesn't taste good.
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Hi Ginger,

I will try to PM you when you are online, but I'm not exactly sure how to do it, so if you see me online sometime when you are online, alert me!!! I would like to try some of your cat grass, if it's not too much trouble and/or it doesn't cost too much (I'm really really lacking money lately! Gotta have a car to get to work ya know!). Anyways, I'm not exactly sure when I'll be on again (could be tonite or tomorrow, or saturday) Just gotta wait and see! Thanks again.

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What ou do is go to user cp on the top buttons...click on private messages...click on new message and put in Coco Maui as the recipient and type away. Try it that way. I hope this works.

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