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Introducing a foster with CRF

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The cat at our shelter with CRF may be getting worse. As I have said when it is time I will become her foster for the remainder of her life. If there is anything I can do about it she will not die in that cage. She is sweet and has been with her brother her whole life (this is why we are waiting until she must be in someone's house) so I know she won't mind living with other cats. My concern is more about my cats. I've done introductions before so I know the standard rules, but is there anything differnt for a cat that is sick? I am afrid they will be agressive with her due to her CRF. Any ideas?
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What is CRF?
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Sorry, I always assume people know what I mean CFR = Chronic Renal Failure (kidney failure).
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Unfortunately, the other cats are very likely to be aggressive. They always seem to know when another cat, or even a person is 'weak', and take advantage of it. Is there any way to keep her separated but still have a decent life (whatever might be left of it)?
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You're a good kitty person to be so thoughtful of this cat. Can we clone you?

Sometimes you never really know until you try but there is the risk that your cats will be more aggressive to her because of her illness. Were it me I'd try it but take it slow and allow introductions only when you have time to pay close attention to everyone then keep everyone separate until you're certain (I'm sure you don't need me to tell you this part!) that it's going to work.
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Some cats respond with aggression when another is sick. We had that when Raven was ill with Fibrosarcoma. Stimpy was very aggressive. However, Nabu was not. So I think it really depends on the cat.

I found that Rescue Remedy in the water really helped with the aggression. Before that I used Feliway, but since 2 diffusers went bad I refuse to use them anymore.
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