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Sister cats, New Owners

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Hi All,

I'm new here and I've been trying to find an answer to this issue everywhere and I can't seem to get a straight answer.

Back story: My girlfriend and I adopted an 8-month old cat recently who had a sister of the same age. We only took one into our home for a bit until we found that she was not spayed. We spoke to the previous owner about it and she agreed to take the little one to the vet to get spayed. She also asked that if she could get the other one spayed if we would mind taking her as well. We had the room and everything available so we decided to take them both. When Myle (the first one we received) went back to her original home, she and her sister Meya fought a bit but the previous owner said within the week they were curled up together sleeping as usual. They both got spayed, and then came home to us.

At first the two would fight a bit (hissing, batting, we haven't seen any claws yet) and then would leave each other alone. We figured this was because they were in a new place, stressed out, and we obviously smelled different. However, it has been almost three weeks and they still don't seem to be getting along the way their previous owner had illustrated. The fights aren't as often but still occur and we can't tell if they are playing or not. The two are quite the odd couple. Myle is the independent type who will let YOU know when she wants attention and Meya is just attention hungry (but both are cuties)

We have a couple of ideas as to what has been going on. When Myle first came to us she would sleep in our room and sometimes with us on the bed. Once Meya got there, Myles spot of the bed and bedroom was over thrown and now Meya sleeps with us. I imagine Meya is trying to assert some dominance while Myle is trying to as well knowing she was the first cat here.

Also, Meya seems to just want to play a lot with Myle but Myle doesn't want to be bothered so she reacts.

Mind you, they have been together roaming the house for about 3 weeks so I'm not sure separating them would be the best idea now.

Forgive the length of this, we are new to the cat world and just want to make sure the little ones are as happy as humanly (catly?) possible.

Thanks a lot!!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

You are right about their reaction to a new place and in my experience, three weeks is still within the adjustment stage.
Hissing and batting are normal between cats, even for those who get along together.
But if you are still worried, and still think they are treating each other like strangers, try sprinkling corn starch baby powder and rubbing it on their coats. Or do the vanilla trick (put little on chin and base of tail).
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Thank You! I was thinking they were still adjusting and despite their quick adjustment to us (Meya already sleeps on the bed in between my gf and I every night) they are having issue adjusting to each other.

My main concern was the fact that they warmed up to each other quickly when Myle returned to her old owner but I believe this may be because the house and other cat still smelled familiar and it was an easy adjustment.

They have been better the past couple of days. A few spats here and there but not like before (unless theres a storm). I will have to try the baby powder or vanilla trick if things continue too long.

Thanks for helping out a newbie!
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They're still young too which is good because young cats have a better success rate of adjusting to other cats. It could also be the source of the spats though as they begin developing their adult personalities. From what you've described it sounds like they'll sort it out on their own.
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I know the spats can be a bit scary, but they are normal. I think the fact that they are decreasing in frequency is a good sign! We have three kittens who have never spent any time away from each other (other than their speutering), and Conor and Paddington have some sort of scrap daily. I think it is down to the personalities - Conor is our dominant girl cat and Paddington enjoys annoying her. The husband and I have stopped worrying about it too much (though, if it does look like things are getting to be a bit much, we try and step in).

Just like ours, yours are still kittens. Playful, crazy kittens and they sometimes get overexcited and don't realise they are bugging another cat. And the adjustment is still happening. I am sure they will start cozying up to each other again soon. It is good that you took both of them! Cats love other cats.
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