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Yeah! We're back!

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No, this was no april's fool day joke... The forums were down for several hours. It's a glitch that had to do with the move to the new dedicated server.

Thanks everyone for writing me about it - I got thousands of error messages so I did know :tounge2: Tech support were working on it and now we're back!
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I have been so waiting!!!!!!!!!YA!!!!!!!!!!!!YA!!!!!!!!!!!!YA!!!!!!!!! :laughing:
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OHH!!! No more withdrawls!!! )
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I was having withdrawals. My morning routine was severely disrupted!
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Oh thank goodness! I was starting to get shakey from the withdrawl...
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Whew! I was beginning to think I needed TCS Anonymous!

Great to be back, and thanks Anne and Mary Ann for all your hard work to get things working again!
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im glad the board is working now
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I'm so glad we're back. A big hand for Anne!

I didn't know what to do at work...I have downtime, where do I go?
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God I had no idea this would be so complicated
We're still working on smoothing some things like the search feature and preventing the forums from crashing...

If you are still experiencing problems (other than with the search feature and the "view new posts" feature) I would appreciate it if you can email me about it at anne@thecatsite.com and if possible copy and paste the error message you're getting.

Thank you for your patience everyone! I'm sure it will be worth in the long run - we're expecting much better performance once we get everything configured.
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