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Hi all,

My cat keeps scratching below her jaw line on her neck area. I can feel what seems to be bumps or scabs on her neck I assume from scratching so hard. Any ideas? I wish I could take care of this myself without dragging her into the vet; all of the cats I've ever had hate car rides.
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Something is bothering the skin under her chin.....and all my cats hate getting in the cage for the car ride to the Vet....but their health is more important than their 10 minute discomfort. There are sprays you can use inside their cage to give them a calming effect.

Do have it checked out.....my little cat kept scratching at his cheek....I really didn't pay attention until I noticed that all the hair and skin was gone...and white bone, or bone lining was showing....believe me....he got to the Vet in a hurry. A little antibiotic and a collar for a few days cleared it right up. The Vet figured that his 'sister' scratched his face..and as the scratch healed, it irritated him, so he kept scratching at it with his hind foot....and eventually wore away the fur and skin. He couldn't have felt comfortable with that itch happening all day long.

The Vet called it a calculus.

You don't want her neck to become infected or think that she's in pain or discomfort.
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I agree that it needs to be seen by the vet. The itchy bumps could be a number of things, including flea bites, kitty acne, or an allergic reaction.
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Thank you both very much for your help.
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