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Daily Thread HUMPY day June 11th!

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Morning peeps!

Welp, 24 and sunny today..I am going to bear the whiteys

Not much up today...going to work then the gym afterward.

Office manager and boss are going to be out today, so its me and the newbies. Should be busy as heck!

Anyway, have a great one all!
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morning! or should I say afternoon?

I'm not up to much today (as usual) nearly all my exams are finished, just one more to go next Friday, and then it's all over

Have a good day peeps!
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Waking up to scattered showers overnight and a cloudy and cool day. Right now about 58F with temps only raising 10 degrees. Which is ok as I am planting perennials today!!

Also I had a stiff neck yesterday and with 8 hours of weedling yesterday its not any better-tried to sleep with heating pad-might have to break out some drugs though.

More rain coming tomorrow but mainly to central/NE Wisconsin (my area) as the rain soaked southern part of the state doesn't need more. I'm sure most have seen/heard about Lake Delton in Southern Wisconsin which overflowed Sunday due to 12.72 inches of rain and washed away a county road and drained the 265 acre lake and the homes falling in??

Bakker is grooming on the sofa and the girls are still doing their morning circuit outside-Ox in the garage in his spot. And 3 cat toys once again stealthfully brought into the bedroom.

Have a good day!!
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Today's my day off! I'm going to lunch with my parents and a friend who is visiting from Portland. That's all I have planned for today. It's only supposed to get up to 75 F today...a nice change from the mid 90's of last week!!! Hope everyone has a nice day!
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3 hours to go then i'm finished for the day I'm doing my housework tonight because i'm out for dinner tomorrow night with friends.

It's a lot cooler here today and were expecting showers. I'm pleased because my new rose bushes need a proper drink
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Morning All!!!

Cooler here today which is nice after being so hot. Cloudy right now but some sun seems to be breaking throw from time to time..

This is my short day today am heading off to work for a couple of hours shortly. Not sure what I am going to do this afternoon..Maybe a trip to the library and some window shopping..

I have a wedding I am attending in August so need to start looking for something nice for that..I am not much of a dress person, I prefer nice slacks and a pretty blouse but this is a really prissy event so I guess I will have to make the sacrifice

The kitties are good today, loving the cooler weather they are all piled in one basket right now having a grooming session..

Everyone have a great day
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boo I spend most of my day indoors working and it's nice and cool and sunny today go figure I work 12:45-9:15 booooo lol

Poor pepe has the sniffles now so we're gonna take him to the vet on friday poor little boy
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Hello everyone!

We're having a pretty good day over here. The sun has burned off the daily fog, so it's nice and sunny out. Too bad I'm in the office!!

My most exciting news is that I was able to finally get pictures of my foster babies! (Shameless plug: See the cuteness here! ) So I am thrilled to be showing them to everyone. EVERYONE. No one at work can come in without seeing them first! I can't believe they're two weeks old today, they grow so quickly...

Other than work (only 6 hours to go!), I have to do some laundry (it's out in the sun drying now) and house work, and then a few friends and I will be having a "Wii Fit" night! So that'll be fun.

Have a great day all!
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I'm not up to much today. It's a nice day outside today. Its not too hot. Its currently 25 and feels like 29.

I got the contract today for my wedding reception so now I just have to sign it and pay the deposit. It is starting to seem real that I am actually getting married.
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It is hot today - mid 90's and tomorrow they predict 99!

Well, after yesterday when I went to one of brutal exercise classes at 9 am, showered quickly, picked up Ben at school to go the psychiatrist at 11, went to Round Table with him for lunch, dropped him off at home so our daughter could drive him to the psychologist at 3, went to get waxed at 1:30, left to go pick up Ben at 3:45 so we could walk just across the walkway for both of us to go to the allergist, you'd think that today would be better.

Not really. I go to hip hop at 11 am, shower quickly, grab a lunch at the club to eat at the hairdresser for an appt. at 12:45 and then go to a personal training session back at the club at 3 pm. I am so not looking forward to the session in today's heat because the trainer is Laurie, Attila the Huness!

Oh, and I go from 6:30 to 8 pm to our Wildlife Museum for volunteer training for the museum. I have gotten to know the hospital there for injured wildlife due to Butzie, Attila the Huntress! In Sept. I will go for training to work in the hospital.

DH and I leave for vacation Sat. sans the kids. I think I will need it by then.
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