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I want another one....

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yes you read that right. I want another kitty.. Hubby says no, 3 is enough, maybe for himbut not for me. I had gotten so used to having an even number (6) lost 2 last yr n then 1 last month. I would just love to be able to add another furry baby to the house. I said somthing the other day to hubby about it and he said no, But then he has to tell me about the cats or kittens he has seen either at a job site or while visiting a friend of ours who has 4 kittens looking for new homes.. ( can we say huh??) On Sunday he thought he would take me up to see the kittens but our friend was not home. I wish he wouldnt do that to me, tell me no but then talk about or want to show me the kittens /cats.. makes my mind go into a spin.
I know that when the time is right one will find us, but I just cant help but think that it would be nice to have another kitty to run around the house an for PT to have a playmate (even tho he is almost 3).
Oh well.. things that make you go HMMMMMM?????
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I'd tell him that as long as he says No more cats then you don't want to hear about or go play with kittens that need homes.
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To be honest, I think he wants another one just as much as I do, but cause he is a man, he's not going to admit it to me. lol
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I think that if one just "happens" to follow you home, he will not say it cannot stay
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