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I just received a post card from Sherral! All the way from New York!
It is really neat. How did you make it on your computer? Do you have a special program?
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I got one from her too! What a cool postcard! I never knew you could make your own postcards and send them thru the US mail that way. Awesome!
Cute card Sherral!

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Thank you!!! I just use the print shop,a cd from Walmart abour $10:00! More adderess please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really love to do this!
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What kind of paper do you use? It is heavier then the regular paper.
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MAX BRITE 8 1/2 x 11 Letter size 20# Basis weight, 84 Brigtness, Acid Free, Copy paper, Bought at Office MAX ,their brand.
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I got your postcard today to! Well, it is 1 AM now, but I got it this morning.
Thank you very much!!! I would love to be able to make postcards! I loved this one!

And to answer your question: Yes I have been to the USA, first to New York, just for a day on my way to and from Candada when I was eleven. Then for a year in California 1990/1991 and then for a visit for a couple of weeks during Christmas/New Years 1992/1993.
Those times with stopovers in New York, Las Vegas, Poenix and Rochester (NY).
I really liked it there, and would like to travel more in California, and the states north of California, all the way to Canada (which I also would lika to see more of), I also would love to travel in the east coast, preferrably in spring/early summer, when the temp. is just right.
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I also got your card, yesterday, but wasn't able to login here.. Thanx!

And to answer your question, nope, haven't been to New York, nor USA.

I wasn't able to send my cards yet as the tourist office was closed. Just my luck.
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OOps...forgot to send my address...will go do that.
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Thank you so much! I just love it! I'll be sure to go to the Dam if I ever visit there!
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Glad everyone liked thier post cards, I have lot's of picture;s and post card's made I need lots of address's!!!!!!Hop to it peo-ple
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yes I got one to thanks. it is so cute.
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I got a postcard too from Sherral!! THANK YOU!

There is a beautiful photo of the Kinzua Dam in PA. I used to live in PA but never have seen this.

THanks Sherral, I finally got yours out while I was in Vegas for the weekend!
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Watch out people, I finally mailed my cards yesterday
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