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Finally! Meet: the X-Pack! (Picture Heavy)

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"The X-Pack", as I have fondly dubbed my first litter of fosters, is so named because now that they are here, they are ex-strays! As of today, June 10th, these cuties are 13 days old.

If you would like and haven't already, you can read their story here:

And now, without further ado- because everyone likes pictures best!- let me introduce to you, The X-Pack!

Proud, defensive mommy and her 5 babies at 10 days old:

And now, the little ones!

Calypso, the smallest of the bunch in size, but the biggest in personality!
Here she is not cooperating for her portrait!

Saying hi!

Her fur is blackest of all the babies's, and she has three distinctive white spots on her tummy:

Spunky tough girl was the first to escape the dog crate! Once she did this, I put a towel underneath so they wouldn't fall and could get back. She is the leader!

Calypso Kisses for Foster Daddy!


Davy Jones! Much like his namesake, he is a tough guy on the outside, first to try to hiss and shove his siblings out of the way, but just a lover underneath! Once he gets out to see me, he is content to cuddle up and close his eyes.

Flirting with us all!

See, he's just a love bug underneath the tough guy act!

More in the next thread!
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Two Eye Jack! The only baby that needed extra attention, Jack temporarily "lost" an eye to conjuctivitis for a few days and, before anyone had names, earned himself the nickname "One Eye Jack". From there, his siblings' names were born, and now that his eye is better, he's earned the name Two Eye Jack!

Jack wasn't far behind his sister Calypso once she figured out how to get out of the crate. Here he is following her on the Great Escape:

Jack and Sao Feng (two Captain Lords, if you know Pirates 3) seem to me to be nearly identical twins, and I often refer to them as "The Twins". I am finally starting to be able to tell their faces apart, but before that, I could only tell by looking at their tummies. Jack's has a white line across it, and Sao's has a white circle. This is Jack's tummy:


The Other Twin, Sao Feng! Though they look identical, Sao's personality is quite different than Jack's. When I can't tell them apart by looks, I usually can by personality. Jack is usually out with his brave sister Calypso and brother Davy, while Sao is usually with the darling of the group, Tortuga. I think he has decided he is her protector! He is a great big brother.

To tell him from Jack, Sao's tummy:


And last but certainly not least, the dainty darling of the Pack, meek and mild mommy's girl Tortuga! She is hard to get pictures of, as she is almost always with mommy. When I come in, she does come out to see me after a few minutes, but just says hi, gets some love, and then goes right back to mommy.

Seems she didn't approve of me calling her meek- sticking out your tongue isn't very lady like, honey!

The best picture I could get of her beautiful tortie markings. She looks a lot like her mommy! Mommy's girl in body and spirit!


And just because they're too cute, a few of the Pack playing!

The three black babies, very hard to tell apart! If I am a good foster mommy, from left to right are Sao, sitting, Jack wobbling back in, and Calypso trying to climb the wall!

When Calypso is going somewhere, nothing gets in her way! Not even Davy and Jack. These three are the most active and are the ones that are usually out to see me. I'm not playing favorites, they're just the most accessible!

The two most uniquely marked of the bunch, Tortie Tortuga and Orange Davy Jones.
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OMG, they are all just too precious for words!!!! I'm so glad to see that Jack's eye is better. Those babies are lucky to have such good foster parents!
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Originally Posted by NinaCaliente View Post
OMG, they are all just too precious for words!!!! I'm so glad to see that Jack's eye is better. Those babies are lucky to have such good foster parents!
very, very cute!
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Just Love Em!!
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Aww! Adorable little munchkins! Calypso's markings are very similar to my Angel's fur colorings. Such precious little babies!
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Squeal! They are adorable!!
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They are just too cute!!

Thank you for taking care of them and helping them to find their furever homes!
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Ahhh, mommy kitty is doing a wonderful job with these sweetie pies....
they are all adorable.
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AWW....They are SOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!
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They're adorable! It will be fun to watch them grow!
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They are soo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want them all
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Oh, dear. I am IN LOVE.
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They are so precious!!!!
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