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Pics of the flood in my city...

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Here are some pics of the bridges and overall flooding downtown. There is probable structural damage to each of these. The city/ county is still considered a in a "state of emergency", along with 29 other counties, but we are better off than a lot of places in Wisconsin....

Yes, the ducks on page 2 are real! They were watching a smart guy trying to get through on a flooded street in his dodge pickup!
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is all of this from rain? or did y'all have a dam or something burst?
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We received around 8 inches created a 400 ft long channel and drained 90% of the lake into the Wisconsin River in a 2 hour time frame! Four houses literally washed away with it!

Waukesha has lots of flooded buildings/ houses and roads, but it looked better when I took the pics today compared to what it looked like on Monday...we are expecting more rain unfortunately....
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Here's some Wisconsin flood pictures....including the drained Lake Delton...
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We escaped the majority of the rain as we got a little over 1.80 inches but more coming tomorrow-esp about 1.25 inches but NOAA stating anywhere from 1-3 inches.
The new client I worked at yesterday is along the Fox River and the water was moving swiftly and about 3 inches from flooding their dock. I'm at another Fox River location this am but upstream so it should be a bit lower.

Its seems than from say Oshkosh and south it is a a weather pattern that gets more rain/snow than we do. Duck Creek is about 400 ft from my house but it would have to go uphill and rise alot before I would worry-it would cause problems on the other side of the bank 1st.

Hope everything dries out
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Central Indiana got 10 inches in one event and all that is coming downstream on the White and Wabash Rivers. Lots of nice small towns have flooded after their levees failed. The main road we take to drive to Indy is blocked in places.
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We vacationed in Wisconsin Dells in the late 70s. Seeing Lake Delton like that is jawdropping.
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Oh my goodness! Those pictures are amazing! I can't believe all this flooding. We are getting some bad flooding here in Iowa too! Thank goodness my area doesn't have it that bad though!
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wow !! thats crazy!! I hope everything in your property is alright

those poor people who lost everything
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Wow! Yikes!
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Ack!!! Be careful. I used to absolutely love the rain until I got stuck in a flood, in my car. I am now terrified of rain and get really stressed even if it’s a bit. I am glad you are safe!
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Fortunately, we were not flooded at all. We live a safe enough distance away from the Fox River, and on a large hill. Our building was safe from it all, even our underground parking structure.... We've been very lucky. At most, we've been inconvenienced due to so many roads being blocked (the city was built around the river, and goes right through the center of the area). The main concern for the city right now is the bridges due to the high paced water and debris floating down it is a concern. They are closed until the water goes down and after they are inspected.

There is also a concern in the town south of us that a dam could burst and cause the kind of damage to that lake and the Fox River like what happened to Lake Delton. There has been definite damage due to debris getting caught up in it and the water decided to go around the dam instead until it cleared out. Water levels on it have improved, but we expect more rain in the coming days...that's downstream for us, but is a concern for the communities south of there...
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Holy! That is intense!! Stay safe over there
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Wow! I am glad everyone is okay. Stay safe!!! Those pictures are crazy
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Wow! I saw that house get washed away by the river on tv. Looks scary!
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ooh that looks so scary! stay safe!

Thankfully, I have never been in a flood like that before, because I live way far into the canadian prairies (whew!)
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The Fox River up north has gone up about 6-7 inches so far BUT..... heavy rain in our forecast for tomorrow afternoon and evening. Duck Creek close to my house is high but not too bad. The rain in Wisconsin was well north of the saturated areas-good thing.
But Intererstate 94 had one lane closed and worried aboout dams in the southern part of the state.

THis is one of the very few times I can say I'm glad I have sandy soil!! But my neighbor about 1/8 mile down the road and located on the side of Duck Creek that would flood sooner than me has some very soggy parts to her lawn. The farm fields aren't too bad-that could change Friday as we are in a flood watch now until Friday.
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