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Two cats? Cat & kitten?

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I just recently got my first cat. Things have been going really well. My dog loves him, and he loves my dog. My cat is 18 months old.

Do cats get lonely? My dog usually is not here during the day (my grandparents watch him) and is asleep at night, when Sterling, the cat, is most active.

Should I get Sterling a companion? My friend told me cats don't really like each others company the way dogs do. But it seems sad to me to see him playing all by himeself late at night.

If I did get another cat it would be a shelter cat/kitten. Would it be best to get a cat or a kitten? Male or female?
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most of us are going to say yes, you should get another. get a young cat, opposite sex, that the shelter says gets along w/other cats & also w/dogs, since you have a dog, too.
then follow these directions, & things should go well!
i'd like you to meet - introducing cats
oh, & welcome to TCS!
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Young cats in particular like another kitty to bounce on! Go for it! There are so many animals that need good homes.
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I'd go for one of the similar age range, or at least activity level for sure. IMO, sex does not have to look at each individual cat & determine who is the best match.

FYI - cats are social animals & most do best in multiples
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Most cats love to have company, and if you adopt from a shelter they usually 'screen' the cats so can match you up with one. I agree that sex doesn't matter, go with personality.
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Sterling was living with two other cats at the rescue and seemed fine with them. My friend's cats hiss and spit at each other all the time. So I was just worried that I'd upset the "status quo" if I got another one.

So would it be bad to get a kitten then? Should I get a young adult?

If I did get a kitten, how would that be different than a fully grown cat, other than extra shots? Are they as time- and energy-demanding as puppies? (I've sworn never to get a puppy, ever again)
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Most cats would like to have a companion. A few are more content to be only cats. With your cat being young, I'd consider adopting a companion. Neutered males usually don't care who comes in the house, so sex is up to you. I prefer males as they get along better, are more accepting to newcomers.

A kitten around 4-8 months old would be fine (spayed or neutered before you bring them home). Take the introductions slow; put the new one in a room with litter pan, food and water for a week or so. Expect some hissing and growling and a little swatting at each other when they meet face to face.

A dab of vanilla extract on their chins and base of tail will help or you can sprinkle both with cornstarch baby powder and rub it in their coats. Either method will make them smell the same to each other.
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Kittens aren't as demanding as puppies. They tend to already be littertrained (even my ferals took to a box right away!) and don't cry all night.

But they can be a very curious and into everything. Kittenproofing a house is harder than puppyproofing, because puppies mostly stay on the ground. Kittens are everywhere. On your tables and counters, up your curtains, in your potted plants, and if anything like my Pippin, climbing up to your shoulder to get a better look while you're making dinner. Kinda hurts, especially if you're wearing shorts.

My kittens are brothers, but Fergus is much more mellow than Pippin. His only "problem" is loving me too much, and rubbing his wet, whiskery nose against mine when I'm trying to sleep. And the 2am wrestling matches between the two of them on my bed get old fast.
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I would say. I have 4 and for the most part they like each other. Levi is really only attached to one of the other cats, but I know he would be lonley while I was gone. Some cats are loners, but if they have a compainon from a young age they will always want one. I have traveled with Jordan when his health wasn't very good, and I could tell he was lonely. He would be alone in a room at my sisters house and when I would go in he would jump on me and didn't want me to leave. He would sleep right up against me all night. He is normally a cuddly cat, but some of that cuddly energy gets used with the other cats. I have a crazy schedual and would worry a lot more about them if they didn't have each other.
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