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5 more days at my job, and let me tell ya, I AM counting the minutes!!

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There are many personal reasons I am leaving my job, and today was just one of those many. Icing on the cake, if you will. But that cake has WAY too much icing...
My dog Pedro got hurt the other day. He was under the covers and Ryan accidentally kicked him or squished him or something in the middle of the night, and he hasn't been able to walk well. I gave him some pain reliever since he wasn't dragging a leg, etc, I figured he'd just be like every other time he gets hurt (which is often, since he shares the house with 2 beasts and he's only 8 pounds) and he'd be fine, if not a little bruised....but this morning he was worse. Of course, now that I'm quitting, they'll probably all start getting hurt. I called my office manager and asked if it was ok that I bring him, she said yes. I got him there at 7:30, told my boss he was there and why, and he said ok, he'd look at him. The day progressed, and another employee, who has been there a total of 5 days (and she's part time to boot) got a call from her friend, saying her friend's dog had a problem with his leg. She didn't even ok it with the doctor, she just said "I don't think he'll mind, bring him in and drop him off."
Not a big deal.
Until 4:30 finally rolls around, he has yet to look at Pedro, but says to the other girl "I can look at your friend's dog now." Looks at the dog, talks to her for a bit, and then goes back into the office, without saying a word to me.
Excuse me, what?!
He knew my dog was there, knew what happened to him, and knew he was in pain, yet let him sit all day in the cage, and then blatanly sees the other dog instead. IT WASN'T EVEN HER DOG!!!
At 5:00, I left. If I didn't need Pedro to be seen, I would tell him to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. I'll give him more pain medicine, and bring him back tomorrow and another doctor can see him.
He wasn't too busy today, he had no reason not to see him. Except that's what my boss does. He plays games. I've known him 11+ years, and I'm sure this was his way of sticking it to me for leaving. Well, I'm going to be the winner of the game next Tuesday when I don't let the door hit me you know where!
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Boy I would be peeved!! Where is the compassion for the animal??
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I know, I couldn't take it anymore after he saw the other dog, and I started to cry at work...I tried keeping it in, collected Pedro, punched out, and got to my truck and let go. Pedro must have been wondering what the heck was wrong with his mommy!
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Poor baby! That's just plain mean! I'm glad your leaving there and I hope Pedro feels better soon!
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What petty behavior by him...and far from how a vet (it's about the animals sir, not about you) should behave. Be so very glad you are out of there soon!
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What a jerk..........I'd use a bit stronger description for him, but don't want to be kicked off the forum
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Oh I told Pedro all the way home all the pretty words I thought about him!!
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I'm sorry you had to to go through that...Hope Pedro feels better soon...

He doesn't jump off the bed does he? The reason I ask is that for such a little dog, he could be injuring himself just by doing that...most beds are alteast 3 feet off the ground...that's a FAR jump for that little guy! I'd get his spine checked if he's been jumping off of the bed; he could have compression fractures...
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I cannot believe a veterinarian would take out his annoyance with you on an innocent animal! That man doesn't deserve to hold the title! And I hope you'll explain that to him before you leave on your last day... or give me his number and I'll have a word with him myself!
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Real nice behaviour from a vet!!! I say sic Carol on him! He needs sorting out.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama View Post
Oh I told Pedro all the way home all the pretty words I thought about him!!
Oh, aren't you glad they can't repeat you the way a kid can!

I can't imagine how frustrating that would have been. People who can't just behave professionally for the sake of peace/customers/pets are usually deeply unhappy. It's just especially bad in this case because an innocent animal was in pain because of it.
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