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some random hecla shots (pic heavy) long reading

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Hecla Island is a paradise for those who enjoy wildlife. The Island also includes an historic Icelandic Village, walking trails through the Grassy Narrows Marsh, rugged limestone cliffs, beaches, a harbour, one of Canada's best golf courses, and first class fishing.
The park was established in August of 1969 and opened for public use in 1975. The year 2005 marked our 30th anniversary.
The Causeway completed in 1972 replaced the ferry service.
Hecla is 6.5 km wide and 26.5 km long.
Other islands which are a part of Hecla Provincial Park include Black Island, Goose Island, Deer Island, Punk Island and Little Punk Island.
Icelandic settlers landed on Hecla in the summer of 1876. At one point in the 1920's and 1930's the population of Hecla was over 500. Today there are nine families living in the village and four families living at the north shore cottage subdivision. Resettlement is currently taking place and our population is increasing annually.
In 1926 the present Gull Harbour Lighthouse was constructed, the original one was built in 1898.
There are over 180 species of birds and 24 kinds of animals found on the island.
Animals found in the park include moose, white tailed deer, fox, beaver, coyote, wolf, lynx, fisher, skunk, bear, raccoons and otter and 1 caribou.
Strawberry, raspberry, dewberry, saskatoon, chokecherry and pincherry are some of the edible berries found on the island.

ok..so onto photos
this is the lighthouse you see as you are going onto the causeway across to the island. You used to have to take a ferry across.

some people fishing off the dock in hecla village.

a view of the old schoolhouse while standing on the dock

an empty beach - there are 2 beaches at hecla..this one is gull harbor

another view from the beach

the marina

part of the west quarry trail...

ok..if you want to see more..click here: for all 175 photos that I have posted from the island so far:

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oOooOooooOOOOOooo so pretty!!!
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why thank you ...its a beautiful spot in manitoba
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