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To good to be true?

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I was surfing craigslist looking for a job(I know my first mistake) and I found an ad for a job that sounded good so I emailed the person. The response I got back was a little....optimistic at best. It promised me about 2300 dollars(base line) a month for 4-5 hours worth of work a day. I did replay but now that I think about it this almost sounds to good to be true. All I have to do is write emails for 4-5 hours a day and get paid that kind of money...sounds fishy to me but it would be great if it actually was a job and not illegal.

Does anyone else think this sounds a bit...fishy?
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there will probably be a catch when you learn more about it but at least look into it
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Don't ever fall for those ads, they're definitely a scam. Always figure if something sounds too good to be true ... it is.
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That does sound nice.. .. but if they aren't sharing key information, they are probably just be trying to reel you in.
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Trust your gut. Trust your instincts.
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Wow, that sounds very nice.. but I agree, it seems like a scam.
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It sounds like they're hiring spammers is what it sounds like.
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
It sounds like they're hiring spammers is what it sounds like.

At least see what the job is though just in case.
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That old addage, "if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't", has served me well.

A reputable employer with a good job to offer doesn't use Craig's List. He doesn't have to.
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Yes, they just want you to send their spam for them, which will cause your internet account to be promptly banned. I'd be surprised if you ever saw any money from them at all. Don't fall for it.
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