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Soggy Doggies

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Decided not hauling 3 wet dogs back from the lake, so they had to settle for the sissy pool. Izzy's first pool outing!!!!

The pool is a tiny one, on the deck so they can't get away (and Izzy can't fit through the railing either).

Having a blast, not surprisingly some are blurry pics. Macey doesn't much like the water, terrified of the hose. Coco loves the water & the hose. Izzy just wants to play!!

Note how Izzy looks to start with - then how she looks wet!

This is about what Macey does - stand in it

Coco & Izzy played tug-o-war & catch me & bitey face

Macey trying to get the ball - she failed cuz she wouldn't get her nose wet

Izzy finally gets in the water

Half wet she looks awfully stupid

Starting to really like this playing in the water thing!

Macey finally lays down in the water for about one tenth of a second

This picture really depicts her, she's this big stupid goofball....I wubs her

Izzy has a thing for toys that are at least half her size, if not bigger than her

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Using this one to try to bait "daddy" into buying them a bigger pool!

Then Izzy pooped in the water, so I dumped it out....Coco wanted to know "what gives?!"

So I refilled the pool

Coco Loves the hose

Wet Izzy

Again with the huge toys

Macey had saw that I had a hose, so she was hiding with her eyes firmly shut in hopes the hose went away (it did)

Coco posing

Macey posing (tail going a zillion miles an hour)

And Twitch watching them perched atop the formerly clean blankets - she was safe & dry inside

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Awww those pics are great! Those look like happy doggies! But that pool IS kinda small for the three of them!
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Love the pictures!!

We went out this weekend and bought Kisses a kiddy pool too!
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First off I LOVE the view off your deck!

Now, tell me what's going on with Izzy because she is stinkin' cute! Does she yap/bark a lot?
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Aw adorable!

Are those labbies or chessies? I have a 14 year old black lab and she loves to swim, but not in pools lol (we have a full sized above ground pool out back)... she needs to swim somewhere that's banked so she can get in and out on her own and wade (she prefers lakes and the bay to the ocean - not big on huge waves) - it's been deadly hot here the last few days and I wish we had a baby pool for her (although it might not have worked well with her bad back legs) - I've been soaking down her bandannas and putting them on her and she gets ice cubes for treats and doggie ice cream... today, she insisted on following me outside to the pool - she went under the deck while I was getting things ready, so I made her come out and I soaked her with the hose... wouldn't you know she immediately wanted back inside lol
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It is a beautiful view!

Izzy yaps/barks a lot when playing with the other dogs. When she wants you to play or chase her she'll bark at you. She does bark when she thinks there is an intruder, but then sees a person & flips over dancing & trying to lick them. We're working on "no bark" but she essentially has had no training that's stuck. I've been trying to teach her the basics for months, but she's not food motivated & she's dense (I mean that in a good way). Training little dogs, IMO, is way different than training a big dog.

She now uses a piddle pad to pee, & poops on the linoleum in the corner....but I just can't quite get her to poop on the piddle pad, too. We're almost there, though!!

Coco, the smaller one is a purebred Lab. Macey the bigger goofy looking one is a Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer. Izzy is the bichon. Izzy is 9.5 lbs, Coco 55 lbs, & Macey 90 lbs.
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I wondered about the yapping because it seems most small dog I know bark ALL the time!
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Great pictures - sooo cute!! Wet Izzy is too adorable! My parents' dog, Dodger, loves to play in the water. He has a pool like that and he likes to lay in it and splash water everywhere. We say that he is "gator-ing." Haha!
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I've been walking Bear down to the river every day, I guess I should take my camera with me.
I throw sticks for him, he brings me back rocks, stupid dog

Who ever heard of a lab avoiding the water anyway?
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Hey! Teach Bear that when you throw coins, bring back $100 bills!
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Awwwww...great pics...Love the one of Coco sitting neatly posed...lovely!
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Great pictures! They are all so cute!
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When You bring the BoyZ I will teach you some "small " dog training

lol I would love to have a "dumb" big dog.... wanna trade
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How adorable!!

Mine have their own pool. Spike simply hops in and lays in it, even when empty. Sam will walk thru it but heaven forbid he gets his tummy wet. And poor Lola is still scared of it. She'll jump in the lake, but not in her pool.

And cool view from your deck! I didn't notice it until someone pointed it out and I had to go back and look again. I was too busy drooling over the doggies.
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Nat, you can really see how happy your crew are in those pics
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