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Here I was sitting late behind computer after a long session of coding for my girlfriend's website.

I decided to take a break and read something...online. Girlfriend was a sleep, the only light was coming from my monitor. I decided to check out one of the Stephen King books and got pretty darn deep reading it...

My computer table is a pretty standard one, it has a sliding out thingie for the keyboard. There is a TINY hole between the actual table and that sliding keyboard holder.

So...I was reading the book, because of the darkness of the room and the book itself I was getting tense. Not scared mind you, tense...I tend to tense up whenever I'm interested in something...Then all of a sudden something starts tickling end of my fingers...I didn't notice it at first as I broke my hands a few times in my life and they tend to act up whenever there is a quick change in weather. Then something touched me again and I see something clawing at me, that something jumped from my hand to the elbow. I jerked back nearly falling over the chair.

Sweating profusely and my heart racing fast I got brave enough to look on what kind of monster from the abyss attacked me only to find out it was Luna.

No clue on how she got into such a tiny hole and also how did she get that HIGH as she doesn't jump just yet, mostly she climbs things.. (i.e. she climbs up my jeans and t-shirt, then she sits on my stomach and purrs...)

So dare I to say that Luna nearly gave me a heart attack and that I was very ashamed of myself when my yelp woke up my girlfriend.

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He was probably so happy to have a late night playmate! That is too funny.
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see, that's what you get for reading those scary books!
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