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Great--Now she's scratching. -.-

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Hey All,
I just moved into a beautimous new apartment and we have everything set up with our wonderful new furniture and all of that jazz; the only hitch is that Trina, who has always used her scratching post, has decided that our new, wonderful rug feels just like her scratching post.

I caught her this morning clawing at it; I think it was the first time she did it and immediately picked her up and brought her to her post, which she used. Then she walked immediately back over and extended her claws to do it again, so I once again brought her over to her scratching post, and she went a-scratching. It happened a third time and I did the same thing, same result. She finally stopped. But I can't always be there to protect my rug!

What more can I do to prevent this behavior, and if it continues, what can I do to protect my rug?

Also, so far Toby hasnt peed anywhere other than his litter box.. granted we made him stay in the bathroom overnight, but still! ONE NIGHT DOWN!

Any input would be good, thank you!
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You might want to try Soft Paws for now, until you can get it established where she should/shouldn't scratch.

Can you make the run undesirable to her to scratch on in any way?
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I was thinking the same thing on making it undesirable. Tin foil? it seems to have worked here keeping Harley from scratching the couch--and it seems he has found a new place to scratch it wouldn't have been my next choice (but its way better than the couch for the time being)

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