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I need vibes for my back.

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Sunday while I was carrying clothes to the laundry room, Gizmo decided he wanted lovins, got tangled up in my legs and down I went. I managed to catch myself on the washing machine before I went completely down. I knew as soon as I caught myself that I'd really messed up my back. You know, one of those "oh crap" moments.

It wasn't too bad on Sunday, I just had to be careful with how I moved, but after I woke up Monday morning it was terrible. There's a definite knot in my lower back on the left side that you can feel. I made it to work yesterday, but after 2 hours of sitting at the computer I was almost in tears. So, I left early (even though my sup was being a pain and trying to give me a guilt trip) and went to the doctor.

Bascially, there isn't anything he can do. He told me not to use heat on it, use ice instead (oops, because I used a heating pad on it Sunday). He gave me a doctors note for yesterday and today and said if I needed more time to call and he would extend it. He also gave me muscle relaxers that are heavenly! I found out yesterday that I should only take them at night though...I took one and was out in 10 minutes!

Basically, I can't afford to be off work longer than today, so can I please get some vibes and good old fashion sympathy???
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Oh, poor thing! Nothing is worse than a bad back. My husband hurt his back not that long ago, but his reason is quite embarassing! Rather than kitty-love, he was making the bed and somehow got tangled up and twisted / caught himself just wrong and pulled something. So at least you still have your pride!

Fortunately, the worst for him was over in just a few days (already been a few days for you, right?), and very shortly after we finally went to the doctor and got the muscle relaxants / pain killers. So, I hope the same or better happens for you, too!!

The secret is to take care of yourself today. Spoil yourself rotten, relax a lot, don't do anything, and you'll feel better soon!
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Ouch I know back pains have to be one of the worse pains to deal with lots of healing vibes your way hope you feel better by the morning
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for your back,
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Thanks guys! It wasn't feeling TOO bad this morning, but I had to go to the market and get food for the barn cats, and I aggravated it again. I guess sitting so long and lifting the bag didn't help. Plus, since I'm favoring one side, the OTHER side is starting to hurt now. Right now, I feel about 90 years old.

I'm going to take a short walk down the road, take a muscle pill and take a nap!
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sending healing & for your back!
i need to mow my lawn, but i strained a muscle in my leg yesterday... plus i have a headache today. so i think i'll wait till tomorrow.
can we say 'procrastinate'?
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Feel better soon!
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for the poor aching back feel better soon!
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Yeah. I definitely give you sympathy. Back pain is the worst. I have it too, so I understand! so you feel better soon!
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Ouch....I hope that you will feel better soon and are no longer in pain! Back pain is no fun at all and it really limits your mobility. Be careful and take care fo yourself!
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Lots of feel better soon vibes coming your way..
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