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My Babies

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here are some pics of my babies
Charlie is the smaller tabby and Cleo is the black and white one. The third one is Coco who went to another home

So so so cute!!


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What adorable babies! This thread needs a cuteness warning, definitely. How old are they?

Hopefully a mod will move this thread, because kitties this cute need to be in the Fur Pictures section so everyone can admire them!!
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OMG, they are just adorable!!!
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They are so gorgeous!
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Aww thanks guys!
They are so cute..The slept all night on the pillow above my BF's head last night! -Adorable.
They are nearly 10 weeks old, so quite a hadful and keep me up most the night but I really dont mind I could watch them forever!!
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What a bundle of love you've got there They must be a pleasure to watch when their playing with each other
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