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My cat has my bf whipped.

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My boyfriend, who btw has never been an animal lover before he met me, is totally whipped by my cat Bugsy. Every night while he brushes his teeth and gets ready for bed Bugsy will sit on the counter on his towel (that my boyfriend lays out for him) and watch him. When my boyfriend is done he will pick him up like a baby and carry him to bed, fluff up his spot, place him gently down, make sure he is comfy, give him some love to make him sleepy and then he comes to bed LOL.

I just thought that was cute lol I didn’t realize until last night that he does this every single night. Last night I told him “You know you’re his slave right?†and he just sighed and said “Ya, I know†LOL too cute! I told him I expect to be carried to bed too! LOL
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awww that's so cute!! Now just wait until you have kids! (if you do) that will be
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That's wonderful! Another conversion.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
That's wonderful! Another conversion.
..that´s so cool!.........ask to him if he want to suscribe to here too!.......that would be terrific!...he can chat with other members too!..
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He is smitten with the kitten Thats so cute
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Aww that's too cute! That's the kind of boyfriend I would like. There's nothing as appealing as a man willing to be a slave to my cats.
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This why I believe that cats adopt us instead of the other way around.
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Thats so cute, glad he understands that cats are in control
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