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broken leg :(

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Yesterday i found that one of the little black mice had trouble walking on her back legs well i tooke her too the vet today and he says he has 2 options....
to Put her too sleep or attempt too opertate on her.... but would be dangerous and probably cause allsorts of probems 9i dont think he likes mice )
well we looked at the break ad he suggested attempting too make a minnin mouse splint... he said hed rather i did it and showed where needs putting where...

so i bandaged her little leggy up and rang him ater 10 miniutes shed chewed it off
i asked what would he suggest and he said as the breaks minor hed eave it too ix itself as she isnt any pain that we can see, she is still running on it even climbing the bars, just got too wait and see how she goes..

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Aww, best of thoughts for your little mousey girl!!
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Oh my goodness! I could imagine that it would be extremely hard to do anythig for a mouse. They are so tiny and you can't keep them from chewing.

Healing vibes
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Aww poor little mouse
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OMG!!! im sending lots of healing that she does ok!!!!
Is she one of the ones thats expecting? I so hope she heals ok.
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Might try a small shot of Bitter Apple spray on the bandage to stop her from chewing at it.
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shes still doing fine and is a complete huggle bunny, the leg isnt purple which is good, shes eating/drinking etc, and loves hugs

it'll be a few weeks before its healed but it will always be slightly mutated, luckily shes too young too breed so nope. she was supposed to go to a new home but they don't want her now, so the have 2 of the other youngsters

i tried apple spray which worked but it appears she just refuses too walk with it on haha!

my dog loves apple spray so he still chews everything
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At the very least, can you put her in a different "hospital" cage while she heals? So that she can't climb or possibly hurt herself more.
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I had a hamster who broke a leg once... My vet recommended I splint it, she said there is not much else you can do for such a tiny animal. I actually just used a band-aid as a splint and it worked really well.
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I had a Teacher in Elementary School who's Hamster broke his leg.. the Vets ended up just amputating it and he was fine... was the Vets not able to Amp. hers??
Im glad shes doing better!! are you gonna end keeping her??
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shes in our hospitaltank
and we wont part with her, i have had 2 people email wanting feeders off me obviously i have said no!
i have only homed 2 of the ikkle un's too my neice. but plenty of room for all
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