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Question of the Day - June 10th!!

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Do you get along with your neighbors?

We live out in the country, so none of our neighbors are extremely close to us (which is awesome!). I talk to a couple of them on occasion but for the most part none of us talk at all. There is one family down the road that John has always been great friends with, he and their son have always been best friends. John spends a lot of time at their house, and they're really nice people.
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I have never even talked to my neighbours and I have lived here almost 2 years
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Another country person. Our two neighbors that live behind us are ok-one family there kids are in lots of sports so we don't see them too often. The other is a bachelor who is now working out of town and he isn't around much either. No one on the east side and across the road is a corn field. The only problem is the couple that lives to the west of our house-he is the guy who likes to shoot (the cats) so needless to say I don't talk with him-I might wave to his wife if I see her outside.
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I get along with my neighbors quite well...The two people who have the other apartments in my building are very nice. The house on my left has an older retired couple who love to chat when they see you..and the one on the right has a older lady who is always trying to give me plants eventhough I have explained several times that Linus is not plant friendly...
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my neighbour to my right is a very nice mother and son that don't speak english very well and on my left I have a nice..wall

but the people upstairs are really weird! the husband is a nice gentleman but the wife is crazy! she cleans off her balcony at like 11 at night which includes a lot of banging >.< grr
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My DH & I manage an 8 unit apt. building here. I pick my tenants/neighbors. If my judgement is bad it's on me. I have my first tenant living here still, I wish she had never moved in 18 years ago. She is a pain in my backside. She also has MASS drama in her life. I just rented one of our other apts last week to a nice couple (i hope) she works with me, and he works at a library. Most of my tenants have lived here 10 years plus. The owner had a NO pet rule but I broke it, and started a new rule of cats only, no dogs, all must be indoor only, & a non refundable deposit of 200 dollars per pet. People pay it, so some of us have pets. I have 4 cats
Oh yeah, and you can have any caged pets you want, no deposit.
Have a good day,
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I have never even talked to my neighbours and I have lived here almost 2 years
some kind of these feelings here with my neighborns......I mean, everyone is in their own bussiness and ocassionaly talk to each others..........and I have 6 years to be at home....
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We live in a small neighborhood of duplex apartments. When my husband and I first moved in there wasn't anyone in the apartment next to us because the woman who lived there before had recently passed away. About a month ago a lovely little old lady moved into it. She's so nice and friendly - and she always has her little hot pink cell phone with her, which is just too cute! We have only lived here a few months and don't know anyone else in the neighborhood. That is really fine by us, to be honest. A nurse from my doctor's office and her sons live just across the street, but I don't think that she has ever recognized me. I never make eye contact as she is the nurse that always used to attend the doctor when I would go in for those dreaded "lady exams." Mortifying, right?!?!
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We're lucky in our building, the other tenants are all decent (there's one unfriendly couple, but oh well). We even have 3 neighbours that we trust enough to come and look after the cats when we're away.
We had a lovely neighbour in the house next door. She's moving away this month though, so we're nervous about who will replace her.
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I've never talked to my neighbors.
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Before I moved 9 months ago, my entire neighborhood was like one big family. Seriously, the last 7 houses on the block were practically all "ours"! We didn't lock our doors, and everyone went in out and out. All the kids were like siblings and all the adults were like aunts and uncles. The youngest kid, who was like my surrogate son, starting walking to my house (two houses down from his) as soon as he could walk! It was great.

Then all the kids grew up and moved out, and the adults don't have the "reasons" to get together like they used to, so things have quieted down. We're all still friends (even those of us who have moved, like me), but it's not like it was.

Now my new neighborhood is a condominium complex. I figured, even if we didn't all get along, we'd at least see each other quite a bit. Nope! I hardly ever see anyone! Sometimes I think we live alone. There is one guy, the one directly behind us, and we chat a lot and say hi, but he's the only one I can be sure even exists! It's quite the change to get used to...
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Hmmm....I don't think I even know my neighbors names but I only lived there for like 5 months before coming where I'm at now
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I get along well with most of our neighbours. I have had words with the 18 year old, that just rented the house next door. Dh and I told him that the party he had last weekend should be his last . We have a very nice quiet family neighbourhood. If he does have another party. we will phone the owners of the house, they moved to another province. I know they will deal with him quickly. I have a feeling that his parents rented the house for him. I don't think they know he's living there.
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Well on one side there is a family that my SO grew up with. They are awesome and help us out a lot. They even installed our dishwasher for free, and gave us a stove they weren't using!

Then, the neighbors on the other side They park in front of our mail box all the time and the cops refuse to give them tickets!!! They are renters like us, but jesh!
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had the neighbours from hell for the first year in my house. as in, a 15 year old boy with a jukebox backed up against the adjoining wall in the lounge and a mum that left him 2 nights a week whilst she worked in a rest home. PARTY!!!! i had so many nights of listening to his blooming music!

now i have the complete opposite. a lovely couple with a young baby and a sweet staffy. they are wonderful neighbours!
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The guy to the south is pleasant enough, though we don't exchange more than 6 words a month. The woman to the north has a yappy Papillon, and an attitude about the parking areas -- they are designated, and it took a long while to get her not to use or block ours -- her guests still do. The new people across the lane seem pleasant -- they've only been there a couple of months, but we do exchange greetings in passing, more regularly than with anyone else. It's not a particularly chummy neighbourhood, but on the whole the people are reasonable.
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I live out in the country so I don't really have many neighbours. One of them I work with so I talk to her, but have never talked to anyone else.
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I get along with some and others I just don't bother with.
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I know my immediate left and right neighbors and sort of know the ones directly across the street. I know them enough to say hi, but I don't know their names
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I have neighbors all around us and we say Hibut that's about all I want to do. I like not knowing them on a personal level. When I go home I want to be left alone.
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I only know the names of the neighbors to the west of me. I'm very good friends with the neighbors to the east of me. We have a great deal going. Keith keeps my lawn mowed as payment for being able to use my (huge) backyard to plant a vegetable garden each year. My parents love Keith and his wife, Vicky, too. My dad treats Keith like the son he never had...they do all sorts of projects together...from working on the riding lawn mower, to wiring and plumbing Keith's hot tub. They're great for each other! Vicky is the same age as I, and was diagnosed with MS about a year ago. She's very disabled now, and needs a walker to get around. I suspect by winter, she'll be in a wheelchair. The neighbors across the street are a very quiet, private gay couple. I've only met one of the women, once...she seemed nice. I just wish that she'd get the muffler on her car fixed. I usually leave in the morning before her, but on my day's so loud that it wakes me up!!! My back yard is so large that I've never met the neighbors behind me. My mom did a couple of summers ago. Apparently the lady behind me owns 13 cats! Obviously, her heart is in the right place! I don't know any of the other people on the street. I guess I'm not particularly 'friendly'!
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Hmmm. Where do I start and how much time do you have?

I live in a high rise, 38 stories, 12 apartments on each floor. It's NYC, so there's bound to be "incidents". I've lived here 32 years. Only one neighbor on my end of the floor has been here for the same amount of time. When I first moved in, the neighbors were great.

Then, 8 years ago, a couple moved in next door. Loud, booming bass coming through my wall. Geez. So annoying. They had a baby, so at least it didn't go on at night. But sometimes I'm home during the day, trying to work, learn lines, etc. I swear, my walls would vibrate. We had several shouting sessions....I cried, I wheedles, I was sweet, I screamed. Her mother screamed at me. It was horrible. I talked to management - nothing. The couple would have screaming matches on the balcony, in the hallway, drama, drama, drama. (They've since divorced.)

Then, last year, I came home to find my apartment destroyed by fire. The gal was soooooo nice. She gave me a little card her son had made. It's still on my refrigerator. Her mother and I are now uber-friendly. How bizarre. She still plays her music loud sometimes, but she keeps it to a minimum.

I guess, when something happens, you realize what's important and what's not.

Don't get me started on the neighbor across the hall, who insists on propping open her door when she's frying and cooking, so, besides the smell of fried food, I get to hear her screaming son and his really loud voice.

Oh, well. It's New York. You live with all sorts of tings and it's still worth it.
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Our neighbor to the South is my boyfriend's grandma, to the East is his uncle, to the North is his brother, and above us is his cousin. So yeah, I like them! I had better!
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I have wonderful neighbours We live in a large complex with apartment and townhouse blocks, and we are in a townhouse block of 8 apartments. We know 4 of the other groups of people really well - 3 of the couples we socialise with regularly, and one of the girls is probably now my closest friend. They all have young kids, so they could have regular nights out to socialise and just bring the baby monitor and hear their child clearly Unfortunately one of the couples has just moved out, but the lady who is moving in seems quite nice.

We also know a bunch of other people in the complex - we can barely walk to the mailbox without running into someone to say hi to
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Nope. I don't know anyone who lives in my apartment complex. Most of the people in this complex are loud and obnoxious, so I don't really care to know them. The guy below us plays loud music/tv/video games at midnight (sometimes later), and waking me up, when I have to get up at 5 in the morning. And the people across the hall slam their door shut every time they leave. It's getting really annoying. Some people are friendly and I've said hi a few times, but other than that, I don't know anyone.
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I suppose I do, but the only reason why I don't like them is because...

- they smoke like there's no tomorrow
- their child is always a pain and making a row
- they bang the door at like 11pm each night really loud when they go out
- they decide to do some drilling at 10.30pm!

grrr..... lol
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Oh, yeah. I forgot about banging, slamming doors. I hate that! I don't understand why people living in an apartment building don't get it that they're not two miles away from their nearest neighbor!!! And it takes two extra seconds to stop a door from slamming.

Drives me crazy.
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