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Birman cats - help me convince my spouse

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Hi there, this is my first post here. I took the animal planet cat selector quiz and Birman came up as my number 1 cat. I've visited a breeder in my area and loved her beautiful fluffy white cats. I've two young children and I've been told that that Birmans are great with children - the ones we met certainly didn't mind my son picking them up. The trouble is my husband isn't keen on white cats. We've always had moggies and loved them but this time I want a cat that is a bit different. If you have a Birman can you tell me what makes him special? Why do you love them? I need to present my husband with more reasons why this is the cat for us.

Cheers, Kelly

-just wanted to add that if this is the wrong place to post this please feel free to move it
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Welcome to TCS! I don't own a Birman but they are one of my top favorite breeds I like them because they are longhair and color pointed. You wanting one should be enough reason for your husband to let you have one imo. Having a strong desire for a certain cat makes that cat much more special when you get one. Did your husband go with you to the breeders to see the cats?
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I'm proud Meowmy to two beautiful Birman boys, and they are the most precious things in the world!

The boys are so laid back and sweet - at their latest vet appointments, neither one of them made a peep when they were examined and got their rabies vaccinations and microchipped. Billy even started purring during the examination.

As a whole, the breed tends to be pretty smart - Chay knows how to get into every drawer and cabinet in the whole house. They're affectionate, but not clingily so. When I get home every night, they meet me at the door, follow me around meowing until I sit down, and then engage in serious cuddle time for about 10-20 minutes before they get tired of me and go do their own thing. They're usually pretty good about cuddling when I want to cuddle, and entertaining themselves when I have things to do.

As far as energy levels go, my two are still young (3 and 4) so they'll play hard when I feel like playing, but they also play well with each other if I am busy. I would say they are a medium energy breed - they like to run around, but not go wild crazy like a Bengal.

Their fur is amazingly soft - like bunny fur. For most Birmans, it tends not to mat, and so grooming them is mostly to get rid of extra hair and for bonding, moreso than maintenance. They also have only the soft downy coat and lack the rougher guard hairs, so technically they shed "less" than other breeds because they have less hair. Don't let that fool you though - they do shed quite a lot. Regular brushing cuts that down a lot.

As a whole, the breed doens't tend to have major congenital problems - I would ask your breeder first though if there are anything in his or her lines. When the Birman breed was nearly eradicated during WWII, they outcrossed to some other breeds to rebuild, and some of those problems still crop up occaisionally in Birman lines today. The big one, I think, it sensitivity to certain types of anethesia.

Birmans are a social breed - if you plan to get one, it would be better if you had another animal or someone at home to keep it company all the time. That how I ended up with two instead of just one. :p

As far as feeding goes, they tend not to overeat, so I free-feed mine, and they're both at a good weight. Males tend to be around 12 pounds or so, while females tend closer to 9, if I remember correctly.

I can't think of anything else right at the moment...I'll put more up if I think of anything, or feel free to ask me questions. I think I am just one of two Birman owners on the site.

Here's a few websites so that you can learn more though, if you haven't already found them.


Some good breeders to get more info/see examples of the breed (the last one is Billy and Chay's breeder)
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You need to take your hubby to the breeder and let him see first hand the cats/kittens and the breeder. In person, I'm sure he would change his mind after holding and playing with them
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Thank you for your replies. I did take my husband with me to the breeder but he was holding our baby so didn't interact much with the cats. I am glad to know that they are playful and intelligent. I plan on getting two as I think it would be great for them to have a friend for company when we are out. Thanks also for the links, I will have a look at them.

Cheers, Kelly
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I've handled a few Birmans, and I've found them all to be very sweet, relaxed, and intelligent cats. It's a good idea to get two since cats tend to get in less trouble when they are in pairs From what I understand, there are not many Birman breeders in NZ. Can I ask what cattery you've been visiting? (you can PM me the name)
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