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Feral Kitten - Please help!

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I have not been on the cat site since last year when I inquired about the feral cats that I care for. I have spayed and neutered them all (there were 5 & 3 are left). I have a new concern. A kitten appeared out of nowhere. She has attached herself to myself and my boyfriend. I have no clue how old she is. The youngest cats are 2 years old and their mother is over 5 years old. She's a great mother, but none of them want anything to do with this poor little lonely kitten. Well, she's just so darn cute that I decided that she needed to be held and then we brought her in and bathed her in baby shampoo and I sat and picked the remaining fleas off of her with tweezers for a couple of hours. She prefers being inside with us. I try to bring take her outside, but she's lonely and does not want to go. We have decide that we definately want to bring her in and just need to know how to deal with what to do about our bird. He's pretty mean and we have not let him out of the cage because I don't know what either of them would do. I don't want to bring her in if he has to remain in his cage because he only sleeps in his cage (and has done so since he was 2 mos. old). Is there a way to introduce our baby girl (Sunny) to Tikibird now while she's little or am I just dreaming?

Also, how do I know how old she is? I want to take her to be spayed and given all of her shots but don't want to too soon. I've never had an inside cat and have only been caring for my ferals for 3 years now. The come inside when Tikibird is up but are not interested in living anywhere but outside. What type of things do I need to purchase in order for our little Sunny to feel at home? Is there an organic treatment for fleas? I checked the organic stores and didn't find anything that handles fleas. She's way too little to put chemicals on & since I don't put them on myself, I won't put them on my babies.

Any help you could give me is appreciated. Sorry I went on so long.
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a vet should be able to tell you approximately how old she is... i think they look at her teeth.
also, if you post a pic, some of the experienced people here might be able to hazard a guess...
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Birds and cats have been known to get along. Strange but true. Even cats and mice. Or cats and pet rats.
A big part of it is how you socialize her. One philosophy is that the cat sees how we treat the other animal and takes our cue. However I would never leave them alone together.
As far as flea treatment I use Advantage which is what my Holistic vet recommends sparingly. Not Frontline which is stronger. I am into keeping things as natural as possible too but this is an area that there is nothing natural to give for serious cases. If the kitten is infested then you run the risk of anemia. I do my cats two to three times a year during flea season not every month. There are herbal cat collars, herbal flea baths and ways to discourage future fleas.

You will need food just for kittens, a litterbox of course, some non plastic feeding dishes, water dish or fountain, a few toys and a blanket or bed to sleep on. I do this because it gets chilly at night here and it gives them some warmth. Dr Richard Pitcairn has a book about natural pet care that I use as a resource.
I use the above as my food guide for my cats.

You want to get the kitten seen by the vet in case worms are present so the kitten can get dewormed. The kitten can be tested and vaccinated against FeLV and FIV. Then you should be on your way.
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