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Update: Ugh.

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Its been two weeks and she took it off again. Her cast that is. Her foot looks really gross. She has cuts on it everywhere. One of her toes is all bloody. I don't know if its infected or anything. There's no puss or anything. I'm gonna put links to some pictures in a little bit. I will take her to the vet in the morning, anything I should do until then?
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it's possible the cuts, etc., are from self-inflicted trauma caused by her pulling off the cast.
maybe they should strap it around her body this next time? so she can't get it off?
i'd cover the paw w/something - sock, whatever - just to keep it clean until the morning. cut down an old sock, leaving 4 strips running lengthwise so you can tie it around her.
i'll try to illustrate in a minute...
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Sorry your baby is having such a difficult time with the cast. I am not experienced with this situation, but my thoughts would be to keep her in a safe area and keep the wounds clean and dry until you can get to the vet. Getting to the vet being the best thing. Maybe keep her in a small area like a bathroom where she can't hurt herself. Use the pellet type cat litter in her litter box or shredded newspaper. That will keep tiny pieces of litter from getting in the wound. You could try cleaning the blood off with water if she will let you being careful not to manuver any part of her leg that was broken. Keeping her as stable as possible. Sorry that you both are having troubles. Let us know how the vet visit goes. Good luck tonight.
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ok, this is crude, but i think it'll make my idea clearer...
original sock

cut sock showing 3 of 4 strips

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Thanks guys, I'm leaving her in the restroom for the night. I called the vet and the night time people where really rude, but what ever. I'll update ya'll tomorrow as soon as I can.

I'm afraid if I try the sock thing that she will try to take it off and make it even worse, where as right now she's just leaving it alone. I took the litter and food away, she's gone with out food and water for a night or so before when we got her spayed, so she'll have to do it again.
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Doctor said it just needs to be air'd out. He gave her an antibiotic shot that should help the infection. Its just infected on the skin and not that bad. But he did move her appointment back two more weeks, so now she has to keep it on for another three weeks. That sucks. Oh well. He did leave her toes out of the cast, which is good.

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so, do you think she'll keep it on this time? maybe it was the toes thing that was bothering her?
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The first time she took it off her skin and everything was just fine, it had only been on for two/three days. This time it had been on almost two weeks, I think more actually. Its really hot here, like 100 degrees outside, about 80 inside, so its probably got all sweaty and so the infection started, so that is probably what made her take it off, so I hope she doesn't take it off, I can't be paying 45 bucks each time she takes it off.
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It might be the Heat. I hope she will not take it off again.
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