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Originally Posted by zorana_dragonky View Post
I like my french fries with salt. If the fries are not very good, I will eat them with Ketchup. Otherwise, I prefer a little salt and the taste of potatoes and grease.
Ditto for me, except that even if they're bad I won't add the ketchup. French fries are one of my weaknesses. I used to LOVE Arbys home style fries - then they stopped having them! I figured my days of eating at Arby's were pretty much over, because I don't like spicy fries (like their curly fries). But the potato cakes aren't too bad.
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I like them with salt and ketchup mostly, but sometimes I will have them with malt vinegar

Mayo is good too, but SO BAD for you.
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This thread is making me reallyyy want french fries. I LOVE poutine, but you can't get it down here. I was up in Northern Vermont, like 5 minutes from the Canadian border, and they had the most amazing poutine. It was so delicious.

Other than poutine, I love my french fries with either mayo, or just some salt and pepper. And sometime BBQ sauce if I'm in the mood. I've never tried the chocolate shake idea, but so many people do it, it's making me want to try it now.
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French fries! They are my favorite "bad" food that I rarely allow myself to eat, next to fried okra of course. I like them extra crispy and I dip them in plain mustard. No salt. I like them curly or in those waffle shapes but no seasoning, they have to be plain. Sounds sooo good! I could easily eat them everyday if I knew they weren't so bad for me!
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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the sweet potato french fries you get at Trader Joe's! I love white fries, and the more salt and Ranch dressing, the better. But if you have an opportunity to go to a Trader Joe's, you must buy their frozen sweet potato fries. They are to die for
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one of the restaurants in our area sells sweet potato fries!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
In Quebec fries are covered in gravy and cheese curds and called poutine. Some places in Ontario sell Poutine (not sure of the other Provinces).
Everywhere here sells poutine. I loooove poutine but I don't eat it often because its bad for you.
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They have to be hot and crispy! Then I use season salt and dip them in barbecue sauce. But if fried zucchini sticks are available, I will have that with ranch dressing!
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For some reason, I hate the spicy stuff that Arbys and Jack's put on theirs, just doesn't float my boat, I guess. A good, thick fry doesn't need anything, but those wee skinny ones are great with catsup, gravy, horsey sauce, ranch dressing, tartar sauce (don't laugh, but the next time you get a fish sandwich, use a fry or so to remove part of the tartar sauce). Great warmed up with melted american sliced cheese!
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I usually just have them plain with some salt. Occasionally I will put some malt vinegar on them, but not often. And on the rare occasion I will dip them in ketchup. But plain with salt is preferred.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
In my teens it was the norm to order French Fries with gravy and then add ketchup.
I used to do that, but not often. Usually only if I have take out fried chicken. I usually get the gravy because the chicken tends to be dry sometimes. And the only way I can eat the awful KFC fries is if they are smothered in gravy.
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I usually go with just plain salt (I hate ketchup!) but some days I just love having seasoning salt!
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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
Blue cheese rules.

My favorite fries are the thick steak cut fries. I usually just eat fries with ketchup, sometimes without. Fries are also good topped with melted cheese and bacon along with some ranch dressing to dip them in.
You're making me drool, Bryan!
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I can eat them with just about anything. French fries are the BEST!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
My hubby likes his with mayo and I like mine in a sandwich. He used to laugh at me eating french fry sandwiches until I convinced him to try a bite and he agreed it was good. Of course I have the English malt vinegar, salt and pepper on it.
I LOVE LOVE chip butties! That is how I eat them too, but minus the vinegar.
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Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
Everywhere here sells poutine. I loooove poutine but I don't eat it often because its bad for you.
I eat it as often as I can.. I just had it yesterday at The Salty Pickle actually.

Other than eating them as poutine.. my next favorite would to be dipping them (more like smothering them) in Mackies sauce from Mackies in Port Stanley. I could eat that everyday.

If neither of those are available, I'm happy to eat them with just salt.
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Aside from dipping mine in ice cream, I sometimes dip them in sweet and sour sauce, ketchup, and sometimes mayo. The favorite has GOT to be in ice cream / frosty though, preferably chocolate. The cold+hot combination is so perfect.

I like my fries unsalted and soft. We call the soft ones "juicy". I don't mind if the fries were LIGHTLY salted, either.

The sound of garlic ice cream doesn't sound so appetizing, but given the chance, I'd try it... just to see how it tastes. When I was young, my mom bought corn ice cream. I love corn, but corn ice cream was very gross.

I'll have to try the sweet potato fries too. So now that makes me wonder... are there such things as turnip fries?? I mean, you can make mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, and mashed turnip... so turnip fries? :-p
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Originally Posted by pipersjo View Post
Definately bleu cheese! I never had it until my SO and I got together the first time 4 years ago and now I love it!
Oh how I love bleu cheese! Rob thinks it's nasty I dip bread in bleu cheese a lot too.

Fries I usually just eat salted and dipped in ketchup, though I like fries with vinegar from time to time as well.
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I eat fries salted and dipped in ketchup.
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If I go to Mickey D's or some place like that I like them with just salt.

If I make homemade fries I put garlic salt on them when they are fresh out of the fryer

When I really want to clog the ol arteries I eat them with melted cheese and bacon bits or Chili and Cheese yummy
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I like mine dipped in ranch dressing or red hot sauce.
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Depends on my mood and the type of french fries

I pretty much always have malt vinegar on them, sometimes with some salt and ketchup and/or mayo to dip.

Very occasionally I have poutine after refusing to try it for 2 years after moving here because it 'looked weird'
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I had french fries covered in aioli sauce yesterday. It was so good!
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
I had french fries covered in aioli sauce yesterday. It was so good!
Yes, that would be truly awesome!!
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I am not a huge fan of fries, (or potatos at all for that matter) but when I do have them if possible I dip them in cheese sauce (like nacho cheese)
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Just lots of salt for me.
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