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raw catnip

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Is it OK to give it to cats? My neighbor has some in her yard and I took a leaf to see how Popsie would react. He want's to eat it. I googled images of catnip to make sure that's what the leaf was and it's definatly catnip.
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it is actually good for digestion and perfectly safe PROVIDING your neighbor DOES NOT use chemical weed control
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
it is actually good for digestion and perfectly safe PROVIDING your neighbor DOES NOT use chemical weed control
OK, thank you.
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I grow it and my cats just help themselves to it from my herb garden whenever they want. Before we had the cat proof fence, I also caught neighbor cats enjoying. It's GREAT.
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god if my neighbors grew catnip id never see chloe again! she'd end up jerry springer with my neighbors and a big ol' catnip plant.
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I grow my own and the Cats love it.
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I've decided I'm going to grow a sturdy pot. So Larry will have grass and fresh catnip!!!

(I'm tellin' ya.....this cat is going to be sooooo spoiled!!!)
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My cats love it. Weather its fresh or dried. Every spring/summer we grow it from seed so they can enjoy the fresh, I have at least 5 lbs of dried cat nip stored in an airtight container for them and for me as well. I restuff old toys and some new ones with the nip. As well as make catnip tea for me to enjoy, and them cause its hard to keep a kitty out of my catnip tea lol.
They know whats in the tub and go nuts when they see me with the tub. They will roll, rub and even dig in it. I just toss a couple of small handfulls out onto the floor n let them go , once their totally stoned or what ever they get out of it i run the sweeper to pick it all up. As for the fresh, it grows in a pot that hangs off of one of our 2 outdoor cat cages suspened from a window in our place, I have seen tiny paws trying to grab hold of the leaves when they get tall enough to start pokin threw the cage.
Its safe and good not only for them but for us as well.
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How much catnip is safe? I've only been using the store bought dried kind, but will have to grow some too. Is there such a thing as too much catnip (dry kind)?
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They will know when to stop. By either just rolling over n going to sleep or just getting up and walking away.

(If you dont talk to your cat about catnip who will?) lol
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I grow catnip in my yard, but most of my cats don't seem to like it fresh. I usually hang a few bunches to dry and they seem to prefer it that way.
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This remindes me of one girl I used to work with. She rented a house in the middle of winter and really liked it. Well, overnight spring sprung (happens very fast here), and suddenly she had 20 cats just rolling around her yard. Now, she was TERRIFIED of cats. She didn't just not like her they were like spiders and snakes are to other people! Cat-phobia? Anyway, she called the landlord and explained what was going on. He said "oh, I think the last tenants planted cat nip instead of grass...that must be why they are all there".

She called off work because she was afraid of leaving her house, and quit shortly afterwards. She may have had a nervous breakdown...I don't know....

But, fresh catnip if fine for cats, and they will leave it alone with they've had enough.
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