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Smokey Bear update *long*

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Ok... I now have all of Smokey Bear's veterinary records all the way back to the shelter he was at. I also contacted the shelter directly for even more information. We've also had him in at our vet. Here's what's up:

1.) My Grandma adopted Smokey Bear in April 2004. According to the shelter he was less than 6 months old. According to his vet records, he was born July 2003. So either way he was under a year old and now is only 4 years old not 10 like I was originally led to believe.

2.) Like I've mentioned before, when he was admitted to the shelter he had been mutilated by someone who did a "self neutering". According to the vet reports, they cut off the tip of the penis and sheath as well as severely damaged the testicles. Smokey Bear was unable to urinate much... but was leaking some urine at random. They said his bladder basically remained full. They inserted a catheter to help him out.

3.) He was also, at some point in that first year of life, hit by a car which broke his pelvis and leg. And he had some kind of facial swelling, cause unknown but was treated.

4.) After my Grandma adopted him, the vet did a procedure called a Perineal Urethrostomy to help him be able to urinate again. But that vet said that there was still going to be a chance that he'd always dribble urine.

5.) The other stuff on the records were just the usual yearly shots and Revolution, etc.

So that's what we know so far about his past. Now to the current. He is settling in very well, already gets along with the other cats and is a very sweet boy. His mood swings have ceased so I'm attributing those to just the stress of the trip. Here's the rest of it:

1.) He will always walk funny due to his past injury and may need to be put on an arthritis medication in the near future, but it's not really affecting him too much.

2.) The big thing now is still his urinary issues. He does still dribble urine, and probably always will. The vet doesn't think it can be surgically fixed anymore than it already is and there's no medication to stop it. His suggestion was maybe to keep Smokey Bear outdoors so that he isn't leaking on things inside.. but that isn't going to happen.

I don't know what to do about the urine leaking. He loves to sleep on the bed with us but we've woken up wet two mornings in a row from him leaking. He doesn't leak ALL the time, but it's often enough that I'm having to keep him in his large dog crate with litter box and bed and food/water at night and when I can't supervise him. I hate to do it but not sure what else to do at this point.

Diapers maybe? Would that even work on a cat?

So that's where we're at. If anyone has any suggestions or advice on any of it, it would be greatly appreciated!
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maybe some stud pants?
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Those stud pants are really cool!

I know it's important to provide water, especially in this weather, but would it be possible to take away the water earlier in the evening so that his bladder isn't full at night when he's sleeping with you?
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Thanks for that link! That's definitely worth a try, I'll see if I can find some on ebay.
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I'd definitely consider diapers or stud pants. I know someone on another forum who was looking at getting or making some. They were given this site:
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Hopefully the Stud pants work for him. And bless you for taking this sweet boy in to your home and heart. Sounds like he's had a ruff enough life already!!
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Stud pants are the way to go. Hopefully he'll get used to wearing them. Only other alternative is for him to have a full size cage (floor to ceiling) or a room where its washable, but he'd be more locked up. So I'd look into the stud pants
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Or, you could purchase some underpads, commonly called "chucks" (I think because you chuck them when you're done!) and see if you can convince him to sleep on the chucks. Since cats typically love to lay down on anything (newspaper, towel, clean shirt you just ironed for that important meeting), this might actually work. They also sell washable, reusable ones.
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Ohhhhh poor boy, he has had it tough. I think I would try pants. And who in the Heck would EVER think to try to neuter a cat, needs someone to TRY to neuter them.

Good luck with the Smokey Bear dude
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the pants sound like a brilliant idea. i would definitely try those.

brilliant to hear that he is settling in so well, that poor boy has been through far too much in his short life.

to you and your late grandmother for giving him the love and care he needs.
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You could also use pee pads, generally used to train puppies and readily available at pet stores. I agree with the poster above... since cats love lying on newspapers, it might be easy to train the cat to sleep on a pad placed on the bed.
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Some other ideas for you.......
While the focus is on dogs, descriptions include cats.
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Originally Posted by BLAISE View Post
Some other ideas for you.......
While the focus is on dogs, descriptions include cats.
if it were me, i'd get these... i like the idea of permanent pants w/disposable liners, myself.
wonder if you could make your own liners from baby diapers?
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
...wonder if you could make your own liners from baby diapers?
Of course...just watch!
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I was going to suggest the Stud Pants too.

I'm so glad he's settling in well. He's a beautiful cat. Looks like a long-haired version of my Nabu.
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Originally Posted by BLAISE View Post
wow, that's quite cool. bnwalker2 - i'd try that before investing in stud pants!
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Originally Posted by BLAISE View Post
Wow, that's awesome! I'll definitely give that a try before I get the stud pants. Thanks!!
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