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Things in your day that make you say "...darnit."

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I just had one of those "...darnit" moments... where you realize something stupid just happend. or maybe you did something wrong and didnt realize it untill just too late... but you can't get too mad, you just have to sigh and say "....darnit".

I went shopping the other day with my mom while she was out to visit, found an adorable pair of shorts, I look at the size on the hanger, perfect, My size. I go try them on... they fit GREAT. We buy them, and i've worn them 3 times since i bought them. Just now i was in the bathroom, i look down, and catch a glimps of the size on the tag... 2 sizes bigger than what "my size" is. (now men, for women thats a big deal) But i cant be too mad... i love these shorts...i just had to sigh and say... Darnit.

What are your "darnit" moments?
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I usually say darnit or dangit to censor myself ...but the other day it was windy and I got in the car, and shut my hair in the door. Ouch! One of those moments - though I didn't say "darn".

Don't worry about sizes, each brand and store will vary - sometimes a lot. The other day I bought a pair of size 4 pants in one brand and a pair of size 8s in another. And no, I didn't suddenly gain weight in the 30-40 minutes between buying either pair.
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when the dem ran kerry "...darnit" your going to make me vote for bush
when dem ran both obama and hillary "...darnit" make me vote for a rep again.

and when since 1976 the goverment has sat on there butts and has not been working on,
fules beyond oil "...darnit"
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just a little while ago i was writing in my blog and acidentaly pushed cancel the problem is i wrote a realy good poem and now i lost it.
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When I let DH and our daughter help me in the kitchen last night and they ended up mixing up ingredients in 2 recipes. Darnit, we just had to order Chinese!
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The day I accidentally IM'd my work password to a co-worker (I had the wrong window focused). That was a small darn-it. Then hours right after I changed it, I then did the same thing again. That was BIG DARN-IT. Had to go change it again.
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OK I just had a huge darnit moment. I put something in the oven and set the cook time on the microwave. Instead of hitting the timer button I hit the start button. Part of the door on the inside melted before I realized it. The funny thing is, I've done the same thing before at my parents house. Only their door got melted more.
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