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I forgot how rascally kittens are

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We started off 2 years ago fostering a mother cat and her 5 kittens, so they mostly played together. Then we fostered Stumpy who was 7 months old, and trouble, but not really a rascally kitten. Then we adopted Lily who was 12 weeks old and super shy and never got into trouble. Then Smudge, who was just super cute, and a little sickly runt who was just happy to roll around on her own.

Now we have Sally. A 12 week old kitten who supposedly has a fractured pelvis, but I think it's healed up very fast (I think it's been about 4-5 weeks since she was injured, we've had her almost a week). She is a typical rascal of a kitten. She rests in a cage in our spare room, and is allowed the run of the spare room a few times a day to stretch out a bit, but when she's out she wants to attack EVERYTHING.

As she walks around, she's scanning the room deciding what to play with next. Yesterday she was out of her cage while I was downstairs watching tv, and I could hear her running around, and I figured I'd leave her be - she'd settle soon. Nope. About 20 minutes later she was still running around.

So I went upstairs to put her back into her cage to rest, and peeked under the door first to see what she was doing. She'd managed to find a tissue, and was throwing it in the air, wrestling with it, racing around the room with it and generally having a whale of a time.

I opened the door and got ready to grab her (she always tries to bolt out), and she raced toward me, tissue in mouth, and still managed to escape past me. She ran straight to the bedroom, under the bed where she kept wrestling with the tissue.

She is such a little ratbag, and I think given how well she seems to be healing, she'll be able to get spayed soon and go up for adoption. It's been so much fun having a kitten in the house again, but boy they are trouble - even the supposedly injured ones!!!
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Obviously she is feeling better!!
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A week ago, she was a little slow getting up, but in the last few days I honestly have seen one sign that she is not a strong, healthy kitten. I don't know how they decide she's all healed, I don't believe they bother with another x-ray.
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haha! Amazing how something so small like a tissue can entertain them for hours!
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My, she sounds like one willful kitty! What a champ! Just brought home a new kitten myself on Friday and decided today that he needs a pal of his age to play hard with. All of that kitten energy has been going into ALL of the "no-no"s! I figure, if there's another his age, either they will team up and tear the house down OR 'beat each other up' and feel satisfied with a good days work?
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One kitten is a BAD idea! Another cat really doesn't cost more, take up more space, or take up much more energy, and they love having a buddy to play with. They also learn how hard they can bite without it hurting, and important things like that!
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2 kittens are better than one. Mine wear each other out. They are trying to escape all of the time and have figured out how to get around me.
They have destroyed their room several times.
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Having more than one is definitely good for them. Lucy was the only one left in her litter, but having Much around taught her a lot. It is funny to see Much's little quirks in Lucy. Even now, she has picked up some playing techniques from Carly (Much was 10 and past playing with toys).
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I agree with the "more is best" policy! We got Wiggies specifically so Pushy wouldn't grow up alone. They have so much energy to burn that having a like-minded playmate is a necessity.
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I love my 4 kids, I could not ever get rid of one now. My living room looks like I have 4, 2 year old human kids most of the time. My couch is now covered with sheets because they all like to run around on the couch, it's a horse shoe style and they get on the lower part claws dug in the fabric and run the shape, and launch off the end. Kinda like the guy at the circus on the motorcycle in the barrel going round and round. Hey my house " the circus".
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