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Does weight watchers really work?

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My friend is using weight watchers, she used it for two months and has lost heaps of weight, it was easy for her to stop the diet though, and although she is drinking a lot she is maintaining the weight loss.

I really need to lose five kilos, I havent been able to lose it since the pregnancy, but i dont feel i have been trying hard enough.

Would just like your reviews please, p.s Excerise does help, but i have a feeling i need to cut out certain foods completely.
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You just reminded me that I need to go back. It is helpful as its like a support group, and you get so many ideas from different people. It might be worth a try. See if you can get a free registration coupon to save you money - it can get quite expensive.
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I haven't tried Weight Watchers, but I have done something else, all on my own. I workout at least 5-6 days a week on my elliptical that I bought, but I also keep track of everything I eat and how many calories they are. I keep a food journal in the kitchen, and everytime I eat or drink something, I write it down. I'm becoming more aware of the foods I eat, and also more aware of the portion sizes. But to lose the weight, I've cut out at least 500 calories from my diet everyday, and that's to lose a pound a week. I've lost 15 lbs in a little over 2 months, and I'm still losing. For me, this is better than Weight Watchers because I'm controlling it, plus I'm not pay all the money to do something like what I'm doing on my own. You have to be extremely good on watching what you eat and writing down everything you eat as well. Once I get to the weight I want to be, I'll start eating a little more every day, but I'll still have to watch what I eat. It's all about changing your eating habits and what you're eating.
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I've been on Weight Watchers since the middle of January and lost almost 30 pounds. Two things I like about the program are the support (we were doing it at work) and keeping track of your "points" online. It helps me be prepared if we are going out to eat and I can look in advance and figure out something I can eat!
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Yes it worked for me. What kept me honest was having to weigh in every week. For some reason, it became a personal challenge to hear the gal say "You've lost a pound this week".

It's a way of life, not a diet. And you soon become used to eating better and eating less. You think about what you shove in your mouth instead of just mindless eating.

Go for it.
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I'm on it now and it works for me
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i dont know, about the losing part,
But i tend to bring them work to eat.
Its better then going out for fast food or junk food.
and since i like to eat, it gives me the right amount.

have not been gaining weight.
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I have never joined Weight Watchers but I have considered it. My aunt has been with Weight Watchers for years, though. She was originally almost 300 pounds, and now she is around 150 and looks beautiful. I mean, she looks radiant. She is very happy and healthy and feels great, and she attributes much of her success to Weight Watchers and the friends that she has made there.
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I should, but I haven't. I have a feeling though, that my cake decorating hobby might do some damage to the effort. It'll be hard to not lick the buttercream icing off my fingers. lol
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