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Siamese Females Pregnant

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My two Siamese girls are pregnant. Xena has mated with my male Siamese, Hercules. She will be due in May. Mimi, my other Siamese mated with Rascal, possibly a Maine Coon cross. Mimi is due any day now. The reason I did'nt tell you guys earlier is because I know that most of you are against breeding domestics. Mimi is a Snowshoe and Rascal is part Maine Coon. I have homes for all of Herk and Xenas, all the ladies that work at PetsMart want one. One of Mimis babies will have a great home. I can feel 3 babies kicking in her belly. She was 6.5 pounds in January, now she is almost 8 pounds. Mimi is two years old and this is her first pregnancy. I am taking Rascal to get neutered as soon as possible! Bad Boy!!

Herk is going to mate with Xena and Mimi. They are all Snowshoes and I am going to start breeding them. Where I live, there is a high demand for Siamese kittens. I will keep you updated on Mimi and Xena!

* I am not happy that Mimi is pregnant. I don't believe in breeding a Purebred to a Domestic, it happened and I have to face the consequences. The three Siamese will be the only ones left whole. Please don't let this happen to your kitty, get them fixed! I feel so bad for bringing these babies into the world knowing that the person that takes them might think it's OK to breed their cats. Please don't make the mistake I did! *
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Guess nobody wants to reply !
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What a mixture!
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I'm still fixated on Xena and Hercules mating I guess they will have strong kids!

Seriously, congrats and pleeeeze post kitten pictures when the little ones come along!
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I have a friend who is looking for a siamese mix kitten for a pet. He likes the way Siamese "talk" to you.
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My Meezers are'nt very big talkers. Mimi is the biggest talker and Xena hardly "says" anything. Hercules is somewhere in the middle!

Mimi is getting bigger everyday! I will post pictures of her shortly!
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Here's Mimi and Hercules!



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What beauties they are!!!!
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Thanks! Mimi is getting bigger everyday! The babies are rolling around in her belly like crazy!
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You have very beautiful cats!
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I think Mimi is getting ready! She only ate 3 pieces of food last night. She found a nesting place, and is settling in!
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YAY...newborns are right around the corner! Keep us posted...It might be a long night for you if she's in labor!!
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Mimi has almost all the symptoms of the first stage of labor. She is very restless and is purring constantly! I will post as soon as I check on her!
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It must have been false labor! Mimi has slowed right down, she's nesting and cleaning her "area" constantly! You can see the babies rolling just by looking at her. They look like they are bigger than average kittens. Rascal is a huge kitty and Mimi is very petite. I am so anxious for the arrival!

Prayers for a purrfect litter of furballs!

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As anxious as you are, I bet Mimi is even more anxious! "Get these kittens outta me!"
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Tasha, I understand your excitement as you await the birth of the kittens. I know you care deeply about your animals, and I would like to share the joy you have in awaiting this miraculous event.
However, because the kittens cannot be registered, some people will not place the same value on them as they would if the kittens were purebred and registered. Many kittens like this end up in animal research facilites, despite the best efforts of the mother cat's owner. Often the people who intend to sell them to research facilities will take their children with them to make it appear that they are looking for a family pet. Others are given to second homes or wandered, because the new owner gets tired of the responsibility. These are only two of the reasons we strongly suggest neutering and spaying.

I know that this breeding was a mistake, but I urge you to isolate your females until they can be spayed. If you would like to breed, it's best to register your cattery. There are standards that must be met, but they are good for the cats and owners.This link will give you more information. I do hope that mother and kittens are healthy and happy, and that you find excellent homes for them. Good luck!
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Jeanie, thanks for the link! I will make sure ALL of Mimis babies have loving, caring owners. I am going to ask lots of questions and go to their houses to check out the environment the kitten(s) will be living in. I have 3 males that still need to get neutered. They will be going in shortly, the vet offered to do all 3 for $60.00! Mimi cannot escape outside! The people in my house always put the cats downstairs before leaving the house.

Update on Mimi:
She's found her spot to give birth! I went into my room and could'nt find Mimi anywhere. I lifted up the big leopard print pillow thats on my bed, and there she was! I am going to construct a little hut for her. She does'nt like boxes!

She is getting very nervous. Her babies look like their protruding out the sides of her belly. I hope they arrive soon!
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Mimi is in labor! She just passed her mucous plug! She is in her box scratching at her blankets and moaning very loudly! I will update you shortly!
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Tasha, What happened? Were the kittens born? Is Mimi all right?
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The kittens were born April 7th! I posted a thread Mimi Had Her Kittens! with pictures and all of the information!
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