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I bought a bicycle

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I have to admit I haven't ridden a bike in several years-in fact I gave my last bike which I bought in 1980(!!) to my dad.
I had been thinking about this for a while so I did it!

Its a Trek 7200 and they installed the kickstand/water bottle holder and Trek Incit Computer for another $40. Trek helmet too (on sale). They call it a hybrid bike vs a road bike-the handlebars aren't turned under as I don't want to stress out my hands/wrists more.

So I have to take it for a ride tonite.

And Neil doesn't know yet.
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Wow! You're brave! I haven't been on a bicycle in decades. I think the last time I rode one was when I was 17 or 18 years old. I find the seats too uncomfortable to sit on.

Have fun and stay safe! There are lots of crazy drivers around who don't give a second thought about cyclists.
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While we are a good 10 miles from the "larger" communities our road is used quite regularly by many cyclists so I'm not too worried.
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Good for you!! I ordered a 7500 hybrid Trek last week. I can't wait until it arrives. I am lucky as I live a few miles from the PA Rails to Trails. Post photos if you can. It would be great to see you and your bike. I purchase a Mountain Trek train for my daugther. It is a bike with one wheel that attaches to my bike. I have been using it on my Mountain bike and we just love it. I see people of all ages on the trail. It is very beautiful riding along the river and through the woods. The the wild life, however, we came across a rattlesnake on the bike path over the weekend. Scared the bajeebees out of me!
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Good on you, that looks like a nice bike!! Hybrids are a really good mix for someone who wants to ride for pleasure - the comfort of a mountain bike, with the feel of a road bike. Make sure you tell Neil that he's expected to get out with you
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I had it sitting outside when he drove in the driveway tonite!!
I said he know has to ride a girls bike to the video store. Took a ride the computer said 7.9 miles-might be a 10th less as Neil rode it around the driveway. Its been a long,long time-I got to get my balance a bit-the brakes are so touchy or responsive I guess. I was kinda weird wearing a helmet though. I kinda felt like the witch from the Wiard of Oz!!
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i would love to be able to ride my bike again.
Both the motorcycle kind, and the human power kind again
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Cool Gail, can I ask how much you paid for it? I'm in the market for one myself.
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I use to have a Trek many years ago and havent ridden in a long time, but have really been thinking of taking it up again. I hope you have so much fun!!! I will have to get use to helmet too.
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I got it at Wheel & Sprocket-I know there is at least one location in the Milwaukee area.
With the helmet, the three accessories it came to about $550. The bike was $60 less at the store than the posted price on their website.
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So how is the bike riding going?
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woohoo bike riding is fun! feel the wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth!
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Well I only had to "long" (8 miles) rides so far-hopefully I can ride later today!!
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