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Another Update - 6 cat Intro.

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to do another quick update on intro'ing my friends 6 cats to my 9. Great news, I will not have to rehome any of the cats! I was having a slight problem with my friends dominant male attacking my dominant male whenever he would go into his territory that I set up for the new arrivals downstairs. Well, once her male finally came up into my cats territory everything worked out! There haven't been any situations in over a week! They are all like old friends, even licking each other and cuddling. It's a full house but it feels great to see them all together and I know they are very happy to be here. I don't mind the extra, extra, extra cleaning, I just get up earlier and stay up later lol. When this situation first arose I was sick with worry, I just didn't think it was going to work out like this, how amazing. I know everyones help is what got us through and I can't thank you all enough!
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What a great story - you should (did you?) get all the postings from the beginning of the whole saga, put them together in a book, or at least a blog, and keep it for posterity. It's such a terrific story!
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That's such great news!

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I'm so glad everything is working out. You did a wonderful job integrating your friends cats into your family!
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I was just thinking about you and your kitties the other day! I'm so glad to hear things are working out. You're my hero for saving all those cats.
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