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Changing from Purina One to Royal Canin

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Hi - I've heard such mixed things about nutrition, it is hard to sort it out! I have been feeding my Murray Purina One for Urinary Tract Health since he had a nasty UTI a couple years ago. He eats well, but doesn't seem to savor it. After hearing some not-too-complimentary things about Purina One on other cat forums, I asked my vet about it, and he said he was no fan of Purina One and recommended Royal Canin Urinary SO. So I ordered a bag and will try to switch Murray to it, if he likes it. I figured I might as well, since he could kind of take or leave the Purina One, anyway.

I have also, on the advice of posters at other cat forums, started adding some wet food into Murray's diet. He hadn't liked wet food in the past, but I had never tried Fancy Feast (which Simba, who lives with my parents, loves), and Murray likes the Fancy Feast. He only eats small amounts at a time, so I give him some every few hours. It has taken him a couple days to go through 2/3 to 3/4 of the small can. Slowly but surely... I think the wet food will give him a more balanced diet and help keep him hydrated. I realize that Fancy Feast might not be the best wet food available, but I figure I could always switch to something more "premium" later, after Murray has gotten into the wet-food habit.

I welcome advice from others! Thanks!
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Well if your asking which is better FF wet or a RX dry ( which is higher quality than current dry but) //// I would do the FF .... have you tried some of the higher end canned??
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I was actually wondering which was best, the Purina One or the Royal Canin. And whether adding wet food to Murray's diet was a good thing. I haven't tried premium canned food - I wanted to start with something a little less expensive and see if I could get him in the habit of eating wet food, before possibly trying something more high-end. But I have a fairly good opinion of Fancy Feast, based on how happy and healthy my Simba is (the cat who lives with my parents at the moment) - he eats a fair amount of Fancy Feast, and seems to thrive on it.
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okay .. the SO is a RX and being such is NOT designed for a cat without MAJOR uti issues...

the Purina is okay not great but not the worst .... there are UTI friendly brands with better ingrediants..

FF is $$$ .. ie little cans ave 50 cents a piece which is what a true mid grade premium costs ...... FF is addictive aka kitty crack .... go to the pet store and pick up a few of say 5 brands and see which he likes/...

WET food is BY FAR better for UTI cat than ANY DRY food

FF is okay some are down right good but many have animal by products , unnamed animal organs ( ie liver not chicken liver) , artificial flavors ... YES many cats do fine but IMHO for the $$ you can do WAY better
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the vet couldnt get patchy to eat royal canin for her food allergies. she kicked it off the table. chloe wasnt too fond of it either.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
okay .. the SO is a RX and being such is NOT designed for a cat without MAJOR uti issues...
I asked my vet about that, and he assured me that the SO was okay as a maintenance food. The tech also said that while she feeds it to her cats who have major urinary issues, it is also safe for cats who don't. I just like the idea of prevention of any new UTI's, if possible, since my cat may be prone to them.

I'll look into some "premium" wet foods that are comparable in price to Fancy Feast, after I get him used to eating the Fancy Feast - something I know he likes, before I try switching him to something else.
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We are feeding RC Urinary for Charlie. Ling didn't like it at first, but does now. As far as canned, I'm getting the Max Cat Lite or Senior and Natural Balance. Charlie doesn't have any more problems since the one UTI on what I'm giving him now (canned). BTW they hate FF
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My male cat was put on RC Urinary about six weeks ago after a UTI and the vet told me it was fine to feed it to my female cat too. The male cat is doing fine, but I've started switching the female back to her old food for at least half of her meals. I found with her it caused hairball problems and constipation. My vet and one I got a second opinion from both said that the food is actually really good food, it just seems like my female had issues with it. So just beware that it's REALLY dry and you will possibly see some changes related to that.
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