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Kitty safe cleaning supplies

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I hope that this is the right section of the forum for this!

I am hoping that some of the great, knowledgeable TCS members will know which cleaning supplies and solutions are safe to use with cats and which are dangerous. Are there particular brands that you use, and places that you buy the kitty safe cleaning supplies? Do you make your own mixtures? Which chemicals are the most dangerous for kitties?

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Lysol is really bad.
  • I use vinegar and water solution for a lot.
  • Clorox Anywhere--great for gross stuff on hard surfaces. I also use it for the bathroom every few weeks.
  • Method Go Naked all purpose cleaner
  • Method Bathroom Cleaner (although I may switch to Clorox Greenworks because it's easier to find)
  • I use scrubbing bubbles in the tub, it's a rental with a crappy tub liner, so it gets really gross. I don't let them in while I'm cleaning, and rinse very thoroughly. That's about the harshest cleaner I use besides bleach.
  • I bleach the cat fountain every few weeks, and rinse thoroughly after. With the humidity and other issues in the apt, I know I'm getting the mold and other icky stuff out of it. The fountain gets cleaned weekly with hot soapy water. I just alternate bleach or vinegar soaks.
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I do know you should NEVER use any Lysol products for cleaning around cats.
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I don't like to use a lot of chemicals for cleaning anyway, so even before cats we had started using natural cleaning methods. I use vinegar/warm water/and a bit of dish soap mixed together a lot to clean the kitchen. Vinegar is a great cleaning tool and I rarely have to use anything harsher. I also have a bottle of all natural cleaner picked up at our local health food shop - safe for pets and actually it was no more expensive than any of the cleaning supplies that they sell at our local grocery store (the health food shop is actually upstairs from the grocery store, so I was able to check right then and there...).

I do have Windex-type window cleaner for mirrors and the like. My father-in-law also bought us a load of toilet cleaner when we moved into our house (that and light bulbs...), so I do use that to clean the toilet (until we run out - then I will go for natural stuff again). Our kittens have a strange obsession with our toilet, so for a few days after I have cleaned it, I make sure the hubby and myself close the lid so they don't get in.
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I have been thinking of buying the Clorox all natural toilet cleaner and spray cleaner, because after reading the ingredients, I think it would be safe for the kittens.

I did not know what about Lysol though! So glad that I don't use any to clean with. That would be scary!

Thanks for the responses everyone! I wish I didn't hate the smell of vinegar so much. I can barely stand using it to de-grime my coffee maker...
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Lemons, Vinegar and baking soda are pretty much all you need for cleaning. I refuse to use chemicals around the cats (and myself!). The vinegar smell goes away very quickly.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Lemons, Vinegar and baking soda are pretty much all you need for cleaning. I refuse to use chemicals around the cats (and myself!). The vinegar smell goes away very quickly.
And dish soap is good for more than just dishes, too.
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BioKleen products for house cleaning as well as vinegar and water. I use a bleach and water solution to disinfect my bathrooms and kitchen. I also use it with the cat items. I use a little bleach in the mop water for cleaning the floors. I use baking soda mixture to go over the cat room floors.
I am sensitive to smell and I don't ever want my home to smell like a zoo. I even have air filters on every floor and little ones near the litterboxes.
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Vinegar and water, baking soda, grapefruit and sea salt are all good cleaning supplies. Better for the kitty, AND you!

In Canada you can buy natural all purpose spray at almost all grocery stores. I forget what it's called but it comes in grapefruit, and cucumber..

Most health stores also sell natural cleaning products that are generally just as effective as the harsh chemical ones. There's one major brand, but I can't remember the name of it.. it might be biokleen like the other poster mentioned.
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What is good to mop the floors with? Right now, I add in a little bit of bleach, but I read somewhere recently that it's not good for them, so I want to use something else.
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