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I used to work with a most remarkable person. We worked in a cubicle environment like most of us these days. She had "incurable" breast cancer (which she is still enjoying life 16 years later), and daily people would stop by her cube to ask her how she was doing, which became actually annoying to her. One day we came to work and found a rather large sign posted at the entrance of her cube. All it said was NDY!! Of course everybody had to ask her what the sign meant. She said with a big smile: NOT DEAD YET! Indeed she is not dead yet, still very much alive and proceeding with a normal life but her inspiration was a big boost to me when the following year I had "incurable" prostate cancer. That was 15 years ago.

I do not wish to bore any of you with my medical history but I do wish to explain why I have not been active on this site lately and in particular last week was missing in action. I was out most of May in ICU with infectuous pnemonia, which is usually fatal in a man my age. I was near dead on several occasions. I was then brought home and my caring wife took care of me, administrating IVs of antibiotics. The IVs were taken out 2 weeks ago. I had IVs in me for 4 weeks, they were supplying the only liquid I received. When the IVS were taken out, for some reason there was no communication on the fact that I needed to start drinking massive amounts of liquids. I did not. As a result, last week my blood pressure plummetted to 80/40 and the doctors informed DW I was nearly dead.

Well, I have heard that before. My private nurse gave me back to normal readings on my vital signs this morning so what is the first thing I do? Why, go to The Cat Site of course. Worrying that people think I am dead, but like the lady with the sign on her cubicle said:

KatKwiz and KatKwery will return once again tomorrow. KatKwery will have five chances a day to win with a secret word. Here are the current standings:

Marianjela 4900
whiteforest 3500
luvmycat1 2100
glitch 2100
laureen227 1400
silvionc 1400
kluchetta 1400
mulenag 1400

There are many with 700 points but these are the top 8 at the moment and the top 8 will compete for 100,000 points later this year. Even if you have 0 points, you can easily become one of the top 8. whiteforest has only won once for instance and look where she is. And now you have five chances a day to win. Come join in on the fun because I am drinking a half case of Perrier a day to hydrate myself and I'm NDY!!
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I was starting to worry about you. I'm glad you're OK..... again.
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It is so good to see you posting. We've all been quite worried about you.
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Good grief, Lee! Don't scare us like that! Good to see you back.
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Ive been freaking out wondering whether you were okay or not! Im so glad you're NDY!! Keep healthy!!
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I've been wondering where you were. I'm so very glad to hear you're NDY!
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Hey!! Glad you checked in and that you are NDY!!
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Originally Posted by MuleNag View Post
Hey!! Glad you checked in and that you are NDY!!
next time, have DW call Carol & let her know what's going on. that way, she can update us!
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Good to hear from you. I was starting to wonder if something else happened.
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Glad you are OK! Drink that water!!!

I am glad you are NDY!!
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Im glad we're finally hearing from you, I was starting to get worried! Maybe your wife needs to get you a water fountain, you know, the way we get them for the kitties when they're not drinking enough
Glad your back!
Oh, um, I wanted to mention that I think Im supposed to be on the top 8 list, I checked and I had 2100 back on the April 25th post. Not that I mind, if I stay in the top 8 it'll feel like a test and I might panic, lol.
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Water does a body good glad to hear your NDY
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Hey man!,... ...Welcome back Lee! I´m glad that you´re here!....
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