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A Runt?

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Just asking opinions! Not a fact-finding question this time.

I'm interested in knowing exactly where some of you determine a kitten is a "runt". I know the definition is generally assumed as the smallest kitten, and not all litters have one, and this is what dicitonary.com defines it as:

"the smallest or weakest of a litter, esp. of pigs or puppies."

So in The X-Pack, Calypso is the smallest, but not by much (a few 10ths of an ounce), but she is feisty. She was the first to make it out of the box! I thought it would be spunky old Davy Jones, but she beat him to it.

But, little Tortuga is by far the slowest. Everyone else's eyes are already all the way open, but hers aren't. They look like they are JUST starting to open, right in the corner, but barely. Even old One Eye Jack became Two Eyed Jack before one of hers became half open! And she doesn't move around as much. The other four are starting to wobble away from mommy, but Tortuga tends to hang around more. And when she does move, it's much wobblier (is that a word?). And considering she's a tortie and supposed to have "tortitude" (maybe not yet?), it really surprises me that she is so meak and mild.

Not that it really matters, since she seems healthy and is eating just fine and not much smaller than the rest, but I was curious how many of you, if any, might consider her the runt of the litter, because she is the weakest and slowest. So you know she has my heart.
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My Oreo was the runt of her litter. She was half the size of the other Kittens. She does have fcks but you can not tell anymore. The Runt is always teh smallest Kitten. When I got Oreo at 3 months she was still half teh size of the others. Oreo is now 9 months and is bigger then Sasha. My Cocos runt kitten will be 6 in Aug and is 14 pounds. He had a hernia when he was born.
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