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moose (photos)

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we saw these 2 moose on the way to our camping trip in helca manitoba

they were along the highway. This first one didn't turn out too well..had to take these photos through the windshield. I am not too certain how friendly moose didn't want to scare them off...

this one came back out on the road

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wow, I can't believe those photos are through the windshield. The last one especially is very clear!

I couldn't imagine coming across something like that while driving -- I live in Florida, so animals in the road are usually limited to possums and raccoons, maybe an occasional deer or gator if you are in a state park.
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nice pictures! i was walking down the street once, and a HUUUUGE one, with GIANT antlers was about a half a block away... i walked away... VERY quickly
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what pretty pictures at my parents they have a huge field behind their house and deer and moose like to run across they are beautiful
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When you see one live you realize just how BIG they are!
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Female moose aren't as deadly as male ones. That looks like a female and her calf.

Back in the early 1980's I lived up in Thompson, Manitoba. Our building was on the edge of town next to an area of forest.

The parking lot was separated from the lawn area by a chain link fence. Our parking spot was by the fence.

One day I went to Safeway and was in the parking lot of our apartment building getting my bags out of the backseat of the car when I heard the most awful noises. Like a snorting and scratching and stomping sound.

The car I had at the time was a small 2 seat Fiat convertible similar to the one in this picture.

I looked up and saw this giant moose. It's antlers were HUGE!

Now the way my car was parked, front towards the chain link fence, meant that I was caught between the moose and the car door.

The car parked next to me was a larger and older unlicensed car. A 1970's model that was made out of metal and not fibre glass.

Preservation for life kicked in big time! I dropped my bag, and had the presence of mind to run! I ran around the car door, leaving it open, and crouched between the front of the big car next to me and the fence.

The moose came at me between my car and the one next to it. Thank God I left my car door open because it blocked its way somewhat. By this time it was making an awful bellowing sound and kept ramming my car door. I was too afraid to scream. All I did was cry and shake.

The caretaker came out of the building and grabbed the garden hose and started to yell and scream at the animal and sprayed it with the power washing attachment until he drove it off.

The car door prevented it from getting to me, but it sure did try. By the time the guy managed to drive it away my car was sitting at a 45 degree angle to the one I was hiding in front of.

I think that was probably my most terrifying moment. I had nightmares for months after that. According to the wild life guy, it was rutting season and bull moose are very tempermental. Duh!

I still think that they are one of the most beautiful animals though, but I never again want to see one so close up.
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aww! cute! lol
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Oh my goodness! Great pictures!

I've heard a lot of awful stories about moose! I'm not sure I really want to see one in person! Maybe in a car like you were!
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oh wow! Moose can be soo pretty!

My friend was on vacation once, when she came across an albino moose! I'm going to ask her for pics to post on here, and show you guys. It's really cool!
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Sheesh, I'm glad I read this thread. If I'd seen a moose, I would've just said, "Hey, moosie, how are you?" Or maybe I would've asked if he knew the moose on the opening of Northern Exposure. "Think you can get me his hoofprint?"

I had no idea they could be dangerous! But they sure are beautiful... thanks for sharing those pictures!
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Great pics!! They are really amazing to look at.
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Moose are beautiful, definitely animals that command respect. I saw a mother moose and her two calves while on the train. We'd just stopped at a small station and they came out of the woods. The babies were really cute, all legs, and they were tiny compared to the momma.

Lovely photos, I love seeing wildlife along the roads, you never know what you might see!
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