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Snoopy is at the vet again

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Well after a harrowing morning, Snoopy is at the vet getting blood work and X Rays done. The vet found an unusual mass of some sort in her belly this afternoon. Supposed to find out tonight what the prognosis is. The treatment they did on Friday didn't work, she continued to vomit and refused to eat and she is quite dehydrated still.
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Awww, poor baby. Let us know how the prognosis as soon as you know.

Prayers for Snoopy
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Good thoughts coming your way
Hopefully it's something somewhat simple and she can come home soon.
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OMG just saw this!! How is Snoopy???????????
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It's been kinda nuts around here the last 2 days but basically blood work revealed her liver is not functioning well, her liver enzymes are right off the chart. X rays didn't reveal any obstruction or tumours.

Trying to get her to eat because the vet said if she doesn't soon in the next couple of days, my only other alternative is euthanasia because the vet said she would just suffer a slow painful death. As it is now she is dehydrated and jaundiced.

They filled her with drugs and fluids this morning, gave her an appetite enhancer which I think worked temporarily. I bought a slice of pizza and Snoopy just went bonkers looking for the pepperoni and the cheese. So I took her cue and dashed to the fridge to get a slice of cheese and she just gobbled it down.

Now I am waiting to see if she throws it up again.
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Buy some meat baby food - it's weird but most of the time when they won't eat anything else they will eat this. Heat it up in the microwave for about 7 seconds - that will enhance the odor and make it more appealing. To get her started smear a little on her face to make her lick it off.

Good luck and she is in my prayers.
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I hope she is alright!! Please keep us posted on her ok?!
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Unfortunately I had to put her down yesterday morning at 9:30. I posted it where we discuss pet death. Still feel like crap.
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OMG - I am sorry! You did all you possibly could for her - she was very lucky to have found you and vise versa! I know all the words in the world won't make you feel better but in time the pain will give way to all the wonderful memories you have of her and make you smile. My thoughts are with you.
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