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As I mentioned in previous post we went to the vet this Saturday.
Doc found clamydia in our kitten, to which she already received her shots, she however because of that still has running eyes and doc said she'll get better soon. Also prescribed us an ointment, sure be put twice on her eyes. So we trying to keep up with that.

Now my question is her tummy looks bloated and doc did find round words. So he gave her a shot, also said he'll give her another one next month.

Every time she plays with us and turns on her tummy she starts meowing whenever you touch her tummy with a hand or a finger (kinda rub it). Is this because of the worms? Also she's been acting a little weird, whenever I sit in front of computer. She comes up and starts meowing, when I extend my hand she jumps to my elbow, when she approaches my feet she tries to jump on my knee. I usually than put her in my lap, she walks back and forth, sniffs my nose and my mouth, jumps on the table walks back and forth on the keyboard and then simply jumps down and walks away...
Can this be simple request for attention? I try to play with her as much as I can: balls, fishing-rod-feather-thingie, laser pointer...