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Am I over-reacting?

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Thanks. Only thing is I have to work with both of them and no-one else wants to do it. Oh well.
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freakin right I would be! Find someone else to do it with you that is motivated enough to actually make the effort to get up off their butts and do what they said they would!!!

poor lady good luck finding a new partner and hopefully the next will match your enthusiasm!
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
About a month ago I signed up to do charity run and roped a 'friend-workmate' into doing it with me. I`m not sure why but her husband who works at the same place didn`t want her to do it. He kept trying to make excuses for her not to come.
Sounds to me like she's getting flack from her husband and doesn't want to say so, so she's making up excuses to not go instead of coming right out and saying that her husband is badgering her about it.

I wouldn't be too hard on her. It sounds like he's controlling and she's bending to his will.

Ask around and find someone else to participate with you.
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