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Help needed asap

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i am new to this forum!

i have two kittens (they are sisters from the same littler) well cats they area round 12 months old.

we havent got them de sexed yet or had a vaccination.

we do let them play in the garden under supervision!

to cut a long story short, Tia got out somehow and waas oputside all night. she didnt go far and came home the morning after.

once she stepped foot into the house her sister Lia hasnt stopped grownling at her and totally dis owning her.

this is totalyl out of character as these two cant get enought of each other normally.

Tia is now intimitade by her.

what can i do?
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Get a Feliway plug in to calm them, and some vanilla extract to dab on both of them so they smell the same. Then get them spayed and vaccinated asap because the one that went out overnight could, if she isn't already be pregnant
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i know that was my worse fear!

ill check out the pluig thingy1

thanskf or your fast reply
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More then likely the one is pregnant and the male(s) who got her left their scents and that's what the other sister is reacting to.

Please schedule a spay apoointment for both of them before the other one gets pregnant. Any reason they were not spayed earlier?
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You need to keep them indoors until they've been desexed, an entire cat will do whatever they can to go and mate even if you are watching them they can still get away.
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