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Weakness/Fatigued Cat.

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My boyfriend posted earlier about our new cat, Marley, but I have a few questions of my own.

Since we got her yesterday, she's been very weak and sometimes she kind of slumps over in your arms when you pick her up. I'm worried she may be too weak to recover. She's really underweight and frail, and I keep her wrapped up in blankets because she's cold to the touch. I can feel the notches in every one of her bones. What kind of food should I feed her to help her gain weight?

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Take her to teh Vet. I looked at teh Pics on teh other post and she looks sick.
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I would take her to the vet and they can give you some good, high calorie recovery food (Medi-cal or Hills a/d or the likes). If she's a stray (ie. dumped, or run away from her home), she may just be weak because she is so malnourished. However, she could be otherwise sick and need medical treatment).

Unfortunately, if she is acting sick and you don't know her history, you may want to keep her separate from your other cats until you find out what is causing her symptoms. This is especially true if your cats are not vaccinated.
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I'd get her to a vet for an exam - she may have been off on her own for a while and not eaten well in quite some time...I'd be feeding her all she wanted - good quality wet food as well as dry.

When we rescued Frankie, she was so starved she couldn't pivot on her back legs without them giving out on her...I got 3 lbs. on her in 3 weeks All she did was eat and sleep!
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Oh bless, take her to the vet to see what they say. You need to know that she has a clean bill of health for the sakes of your other two
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