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I saw this on TV tonight. While watching I had images in my head of Hollywood celebrities sitting on the couch chearing on the lead character, Bo Laramie!

The movie is about a young actor who is married with a young son. He makes a hit action movie and suddenly becomes popular with the paparazzi, 4 individual paparazzi actually. In fact one of them with the help of his buddies makes it his life's mission to ruin the life of Bo Laramie.

As the movie progresses, you find out that all 4 of the paparazzi are sleazy criminals who have a history of drugs, guns and rape, but haven't done time because of loop holes.

And they literally stop at nothing, even causing a near fatal car crash, to get their photos of Bo Laramie. It's the near fatal car crash that the movie is set around.

I don't often have much sympathy for celebrities because many of them put themselves out there. But if there is any truth at all to this movie in how the paparazzi works, then it's given me something to give pause to. It's interesting to see how the paparazzi can set up the stage for their photographs and take innocent situations and turn them into sleaze.

I recommend it.